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The Drunk and the Newsies 6-3-2012



You asked for it, so we gave it to you:  The Drunk and the Ugly Forums!  Now you can jump in and talk to other Drunk and Ugly listeners and troll everyone.

Second News!  Sordid Dystopia:  Still being worked on.  Sam is now working two different jobs and Nate just finished moving into a new house.  Things are still coming along and we are working to give you the best book we possibly can.

Today’s Topic:  Character creation, how does it work?

This is how it works.  Done.

But no, seriously, this is a topic that we manage to cover with a lot of detail and a lot of different methods.  There’s too much discussed in the show to write down here, but I will link all the different resources listed in the program:

  • Fake Name Generator – Probably the most-used tool here on our show for creating names and personalities for PCs and NPCs alike.
  • Gelbooru (NSFW), Safebooru – Both are great repositories of images with pretty good tagging set up in the case that you have a vague image in mind for a character and zero artistic abilities (like myself)
  • Character Hub (Beta) – A filing cabinet for up to 100 characters (presently) with options for portraits, stats, and personality questionnaires for all of your different beautiful and unique snowflakes.
  • Incompetech’s Royalty Free Music Library – Complete works of Kevin MacLeod.  All created under the Creative Commons license, great for Podcasting and anything that needs a royalty-free soundtrack.
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The Drunk and the Newsies 5-10-2012

Hello there, internet!  You thought there was no news BUT GUESS WHAT WE GOT MORE NEWS!

First item to report is that Sordid Dystopia is coming along splendidly.  Our gracious master editor Sam has created the master page templates for the published version and has more than half-finished the present manuscript.  Our herculean exemplar of a writer is taking your comments from the playtests and writing the rest of the game as needed.  Or as it comes to him.  The world may never know.

Additionally, we’ve been lucky to start receiving fanart from some awesome people:  Chris and The Blind Artist.  Chris’s stuff can be found here, and The Blind Artist’s stuff can be found here.  You can also check it out on our wiki page for incredibly high-resolution everything.

We cover an actual topic in this show as well:  The GM Voice, and approximately how to use it to create atmosphere in horror and drama.  I say “approximately” because there’s no real formula to this practice.  We can only explain the phenomenon anecdotally.

These topics, your questions answered, and Andy Roonie tonight!

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The Drunk and the Newsies – 3-3-2012

Hello there, internet!  We have much news for you.  Much news indeed.  Fabulous tales of a swords, eternally retold.  Err. . . wait.  Let’s start this over.

Yo wazzup world?!  This is News Bird.  I am a bird and I also do the news.  Let’s see what we got for you today:

News Bird wants to let you know that we totally got into this Facebook thing and made a group there for all of you to use.

There was this Sordid Dystopia thing?  Yeah, you guys rock.  433% funding is totally the bomb-diggity in News Bird’s book.  You dudes are the most awesome and totes we are giving you stuff for it.  Some things have already been sent out:

  • Preview Regular APs
  • Text RPs
  • The Persona-based MaOCT campaign, which is not done on account of how long it takes to edit.  There will be 6 episodes in there and you will be told when a new one is posted, so STAY TUNED
Also talk of contributor games.  We have asked everyone in that bracket and have only gotten 4 responses out of 7 so far.  We will send more updates as we keep going.  Games again are
  • Sam – Call of Cthulu – Grad students checking out a strange trend in the South Carolina Marshes.
  • Nate – Little Fears Nightmare Edition – Set in Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home.  The characters will be kids between the ages of 6 and 12 and do things that will be canon to the universe.
  • Matt – Monsters and Other Childish Things – All I can say is that it heavily involves pop music.
  • Charlie – Sordid Dystopia – A game based on a LeJeune’s Home adventure we played.  Humans are exploring an uncharted island only to find that wacky adventures await.
News Bird is also happy to let you know that we found our April Fools game for the year.  And it is amazing.

Stay tuned as we answer your questions, including a very special Question and Answer session wherein we bug a published author with our inane rambling.

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The Drunk and the Newsies – 2-14-2012

Hello there, Internet!  Somewhat long time, and, uh. . . infinitely no see.  One of these days we should do a webcam thing so that we can rectify that.  UNTIL THEN, though, you will have to make due with our wondrous vocal patterns.  Listen to these MP3s while looking at the spectral view.  It’ll blow your mind, seriously.

Wow, that got off-topic fast.  In any case, do we have some news for you:

First and foremost, the Sordid Dystopia Kickstarter is doing amazingly well.  I applaud all of you who are backing us presently.  I never expected us to reach our initial funding goal in under a day, or twice our funding goal in under a week, and I never expected us to be talking about reaching almost triple our funding goal before this project ended.  Seriously, you guys are the best.

Second, Nate and I did a roundtable discussion of Monsters and Other Childish Things with one Ross Payton.  He apparently does a roleplaying podcast too.  We’re going to be in their 70th Episode “There’s Monsters in the School, Tom.”  The episode isn’t yet out, but it should be out shortly after this episode goes live.  I figured I just needed to get the word out on this Role Playing Public Radio show Ross and his friend Tom do.

Thirdly, Nate got us all into the Little Fears Nightmare Edition recently.  We’ve played 8 sessions of a campaign composed of prefab adventures from the books, the Campfire Tales series, and things that we’ve written ourselves.  It’s shaping up to be a pretty rad set of things and hopefully it’ll be totally awesome when it gets posted here eventually.  What this means for your right now is that we have a whole bunch of Little Fears goodies for every one of our listeners:

  • Nate recently wrote a scenario for a contest run by Little Fears superfan Jack O’Tears.  The theme of the contest was Duality, and Nate wrote a whole adventure about a Monster and a child who complete each other.  You can get the adventure here or go to the Little Fears Facebook Group and take it from there.  It had to be fairly short, so be prepared to improv or write a couple things and make it your own for your group.  He also ran a quick playtest of it and we will be posting the AP to our site somewhere in the next few weeks.
  • I wrote up a complete dice roller for Little Fears’ Top 3 system.  It automatically rolls, sorts, and totals your Top 3 results, calculates passing grades, accounts for penalties or bonuses, and even fits the conditional statements “It’s easy for me to. . . when. . .” and “It’s hard for me to. . . when. . .” You can check it out here and save it via right click and “Save As”
Finally, we have started prepping the games we will be running for ransom contributors.  Depending on your contributor level, you can pick up to 3 of these 4 scenarios run by myself, Sam, Nate, and Charlie.
  • Sam will be running a Call of Cthulu scenario, wherein the players are grad students checking out a strange trend in the South Carolina Marshes.
  • Nate will be running a Little Fears Nightmare Edition scenario set in Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home.  The characters will be kids between the ages of 6 and 12 and do things that will be canon to the universe.
  • I will be running a Monsters and Other Childish Things scenario that I am still planning out at this time.
  • Charlie will be running Sordid Dystopia.
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The Drunk and the Newsies 1-25-2012

HELLO INTERNET. This is a momentous day for all of us here at The Drunk and the Ugly, and for all of you Drunk and Uglyians (Uglyites?  Uglyos? YOU DECIDE). That’s right, the Sordid Dystopia Kickstarter is LIVE.

In this episode of the Drunk and the Newsies, we talk about what this Kickstarter means to YOU, what it means for us, and James reads some poetry. Join us!





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