The Drunk and the Newsies – 11/29/2012

Hello there internet!

It’s been a while since last we spoke, but I can assure you we are here and we are back with more (and hopefully regular) news!

First off, Sordid Dystopia, that wondrous book we talked about publishing almost a year ago:  Editing and layouts are done, and we’re currently hiring artists to fill this with all the beautiful pictures of EVERYTHING.

Secondly, our forums are running long and strong, for going on half a year now.  We’re building up a community slowly but surely, and have a solid section of Forum Roleplay, Play-by-post, and actual Skype Games.  The community has been building up a large selection of APs as well, so be sure to check those out if you want Drunker and Uglier goodness!  Additionally, starting this month, we are going to start polling for what future episodes people want to see up on the site.  The first poll will be up soon (if it isn’t already)  and the winner will be posted by the end of the month.  Our plan is to continue this every month to give the listenership what they want a little earlier.

Our topic for today:  Inspiration.  Where do we draw it from and how do we use it?  Listen in and get some ideas of your own, and learn how to rip off others correctly.

References made in the show that we promised to link

Everything is a Remix – A history of taking, breaking down, combining and rebuilding creatively.

Night’s Black Agents – The game where you can kill lots of vampires and take down vampire conspiracies.

Vote for the End of the Month Actual Play! – Hop over to our forms and vote in that poll.

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  1. 1) For MFZ I think, and luffy will correct me if I’m wrong, we posted on Giant and Sordid at the same time, but have now moved fully over to SD

    2) Your Silent Hill and Dinosaurs game? Silent Hill but during the Flintstones. Quiet Bolder, where the players have to deal with the stone age problems, their personal issues, and the fact every appliance in the city is actually a dinosaur.

    3) Old show was good you should repost it or just link the original website.

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