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The Drunk and the Newsies 1-25-2012

HELLO INTERNET. This is a momentous day for all of us here at The Drunk and the Ugly, and for all of you Drunk and Uglyians (Uglyites?  Uglyos? YOU DECIDE). That’s right, the Sordid Dystopia Kickstarter is LIVE.

In this episode of the Drunk and the Newsies, we talk about what this Kickstarter means to YOU, what it means for us, and James reads some poetry. Join us!





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The Drunk and the Newsies 1-18-2012 – The 1 Hour Challenge

Over the weekend, Nate and I proposed a duel.  The challenge: Create an original RPG in an hour based on 10 random prompts.  We originally planned to rate our games directly and decide the “Superior Game” right there and then.

We realized as we went on that we really couldn’t try to compare the two games we wrote.  We decided at that point that we have a selection of listeners who might be willing to chime in and help us understand which game they like the best.  Therein is today’s news segment.

Comment, email us, or tweet at us with your favorite game, and we’ll tell you who the winner is next time on The Drunk and the Newsies!

Thermite and Thylacines (Matt’s Game)
The Crystal Rock School for the Artistically Gifted (Nate’s Game)

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Drunk and Newsies Special – Interview With Sci-Fi Laboratory

Herp a derp a derp I forgot to do a writeup this week.  Happy belated news writeup everyone!

A few weeks back we did an interview with Sci-Fi Laboratory about our group, our playstyle, and our motivations (both individual and as a group).  It was a fun time and we managed to tell a lot of weird stories.  It played a week or two back on the Sci-Fi Lab main show, but we have it here as a permanent archive to our idiocy brilliance.  Enjoy!

This version is considerably less radio-safe or time-edited than the version that was played on Sci-Fi Lab.  I do not wish to cast any inaccurate opinions on the other program.

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The Drunk and the Newsies 1-1-2012

Happy New Year, Internet!  We’re comin’ at you with an all new Newsies for an all-new year!  Listen in as we answer all of your questions (including ones you never thought you had)!

If you missed it, we will be posting our interview with Sci-Fi Laboratory on this site next Wednesday.  Be sure to check it out.

We have a whole bunch of new campaigns in the works and a bunch of other ones waiting in the wings.  So many games we shall play.  Systems include Wild Talents, Monsters and Other Childish Things, A Dirty World (we are really on an ORE kick I guess), Legend of the Five Rings, and Seventh Sea, and at least two of those campaigns are very Sci-Fi or Cyberpunk.

Ship of Fools and United We Stand are coming to an end in the next few weeks here.  We’ll be breaking from the campaigns to post one-off games in Sordid Dystopia and other systems before returning to 2 more mini-campaigns:

  • Justice For All, a Sordid Dystopia Campaign that focuses on the Umbra which was going to be a one-shot and ended up being 7 or 8 sessions.
  • The Crucible, a Deadlands prefab adventure that was supposed to be a one-shot and ended up being 4 sessions (are you sensing a theme here?)

Additionally, following the end of Ship of Fools and United We Stand, we will begin our Sordid Dystopia Kickstarter!  There are an increasing number of rewards for this beautiful thing.  Our own Nathan Knapp has written a novella set in the Sordid Dystopia Universe, several chapters of which will be included in this project.

Since we’ve been getting so many questions about this, if you are interested in the playtest copy of Sordid Dystopia, it is one of the earlier rewards.  If you give a mere $10 and we get enough funding, you will receive a copy of  the playtest notes.

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The Drunk and the Newsies – 12/13/2011

Hi again internet!  Yes, yes I realize that today is not actually the 13th.  That was the day we recorded this wonderment AND IT SHALL STAND IN THIS POST.

What’s coming up, some of you may ask.  In the not-to-distant future, not much.  We will start posting United We Stand, a Sordid Dystopia campaign run by Charlie, on Friday.

Soon I will have edited up an interview we did for Sci-Fi Lab, a radio show hosted byTravis Gasque.  It plays 7 – 8 every Thursday on 91.1 FM WREK Atlanta.  Our interview is playing live there if you want to listen to it on the wireless (well not live, but live to tape).  You can either listen over the air or check it out Sci-Fi Lab’s website.

Just in case anyone missed it, we’re having a Kickstarter to fund the publication of Nate’s game Sordid Dystopia sometime in mid to late January.  We’re still working out the specifics of the rewards, but it will likely include:

  • A PDF version of the playtest rules
  • 11 Preview APs (including future Frieda’s sessions and a whole MaOCT mini-campaign)
  • Games run by The Drunk and the Ugly (of which include Sam, Matt, Nate, and Charlie)
  • Scenarios written and run by The Drunk and the Ugly

Also we spend roughly 45 minutes of this episode answering questions from listeners. Thanks a lot for writing in, guys!  You helped make this all possible.

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