Deadlands – The Crucible (Part 1)

Welcome to the Wild West you’ve never seen before.

Daedalus’ Folly, a blimp-town, makes port in Salt Lake City. Sheriff Eric Alvarez is ordered by the US Agency to form a posse and ride shotgun on a train leaving Salt Lake City. Moments later, a hang glider hits his office.

To repay her hang-gliding incurred debt, Alexis Gray and Antares Blackwell are roped into the Sheriff’s posse.

Ford Connor joins up, looking for that incredible breaking story, the once in a life-time gig.

Together, these four will face dangers they couldn’t begin to imagine: and all of them will do it wearing the coolest cowboy hats you’ve ever seen.

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Deadlands – The Crucible (Part 2)

Last session, all hell broke loose – the train derailed, the mother-lode of all dynamite charges went off, and hell literally broke loose when a demon came a’ rampaging.

Antares wakes up screaming in the clinic. Alexis wakes to have her burns and injuries treated by a man wearing a full preacher’s outfit. He turns out to be the local doctor. Luckily enough, Ant Blackwell blocked the blast, sparing her the brunt of pain.

They wake to find that mere minutes have passed since the “accident”. The preacher, working his prayer magic, fully heals Alexis and Ant.

This is only the first thing to be discovered about the U.S. Army Fort — the journey is far from over.

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Deadlands – The Crucible (Part 3)

Deadlands returns! This game was recorded after an unfortunately long hiatus, due to outside life concerns. Forgive us the recap at the beginning.

We dive back into the Western madness with Sheriff Alvarez finally confronting the demon who has been controlling his nightmares in a twisting canyon of sheer terror. The revelation that he’s dead drives him to strike a deal with the demon.

Guard duty on the fort’s walls passes uneventfully, but then the intrigue surrounding the strange happenings in the fort descends again. Can our protagonists hack their way through the mystery and discover what’s going on at Fort 51 before it’s too late?
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Deadlands – Fallen Flags Episode 1

The year is 1877, and the end of Summer is nearing fast. One of the warmest on record, we’re told in the margins surrounding yet another set of “suspicious disappearances” and “freak accidents.” At least in all the papers that used to be worth the paper they were printed on. Nowadays, it seems like the tabloids are the more reliable source. Eleven years ago, the West Coast fell into the sea, leaving spires of so called Ghost Rock. This material proved far more powerful than coal, attracting rail barons, industrialists and scientists alike to the new maze of waterways. Since that day, ghost stories, legends, monsters, myths, have been exploding across the States. And as near as anyone can tell, the truth is becoming stranger than fiction. Back east, the cemeteries are even reportedly cracking open to leave otherwise decisive battles in this War Between the States stalemates, leaving no end in sight. Both sides, North and South, have laid out a bounty, offering immense wealth and connection for whoever first builds a railroad across the continent to what used to be California. Sometimes, in pursuit of these Rail Wars, the ambitious rail companies hire agents, both to deal with these new supernatural phenomena, and with each other. And worst of all, one of those agents has one of my employer’s guns. August is going to be a long month.

-Recovered from the diary of an unnamed debt collector, written mid-August, 1877.

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Deadlands – Fallen Flags Episode 2

Dear Diary, or whatever one is supposed to say in the entires to their journals: I believe I’ve tracked down the group of people surrounding my employer’s gun to a small town in the center of what is now known as the Disputed Lands. My employer has warned me to be careful, as this area marks both a hotly contested territory for the great rail companies, as well as one of the far edges of my jurisdiction. It’s unlikely that the local authorities will be much help – doubly so because word is traveling through town like a brushfire in May about some sort of haunted fort along an apparently unusually dangerous river. These things are, of course, no matter. Finding them is objective one, and tradition dictates that one should visit the local tavern for information. What, dear Diary, is the worst that could happen?

-Recovered from a dust-stained page in the diary of an unnamed debt collector, written mid-August, 1877

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