Photo Credit to Sheila Tostes

The minotaur in the labyrinth looms above our heroes. Its roar is still echoing.

Down in the deep, a battle is beginning that will decide the fate of all of Troy. Can this unlikely band of juvenile delinquents survive and triumph, before all is lost? Find out in the thrilling conclusion of Monster ISS!

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Everything’s gone to hell. Yuji’s headed to the basement, alone. The rest of the kids are scrambling to solve their problems.

The strange events rooted under the High School are barreling to a climax. Fenix, Julie, Yuji, and Keith have to stop Sid Florence and survive the basement before it’s too late.

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Part of the labyrinth has been conquered. Jared and Rebecca were rescued, and Brittney was coerced out, before the monster haunting the labyrinth drove them out.

It’s investigation time again. A strange stalker has been contacting Julie online, and Sid Florence is suspicious.

But in the meantime it’s started snowing, and school has been canceled. A November trip is in Julie’s immediate future: can the gang hold things together in her absence?

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November has begun. With it, the only leads our protagonists are left with is a vague association of the strange events to the ubiquitous MegaCorp. It’s time to start taking drastic measures: raiding the janitor’s closet for clues.

Time is running out to solve this mystery, and the weight of several people’s lives is falling upon the shoulders of the high schoolers trapped in ISS.

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The Troy County High School has some ominous roots. All of the strange occurrences lead back to a mystic labyrinth that is somehow connected – psychically and physically –  to the school.

The kids were dragged down into the labyrinth and were shockingly attacked by a monster. At least two of their schoolmates are still trapped down in the strange dungeon. Can the ISS kids rescue them before they succumb to the strange horror of the labyrinth?

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