The architect of the bounty on the Ashton Liberator’s heads has been found. They finally know the name of their enemy: John Greystone Jr.

Yet before they can act, the heroes are called into action to save Spades from the nefarious Tattooed Man!

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Diamonds has a tank, Fauna has been removed as a threat in as roundabout a way as possible, and now the heroes must plan a way of getting to Null. A typical week in Ashton; straight from danger into danger. But first, school beckons and exams loom.

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It has been the longest week. Kidnappings, revealed identities, rogue anti-vigilantes targeting the city’s crime elements, and a ridiculous riddle – and Giant Slayer missed all of it.

Of course, this is Ashton City, and one never stays out of trouble for long…

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After stopping petty crime, being trapped in a sewer, shoved into ISS, and hunted by bounty fiends, the Ashton City Heroes are ready for a break.

Too bad they won’t get one.

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Who are you afraid of?

A revolving door of vigilantes and villains, and someone is taunting the Ashton City Heroes. Everyone loves a good riddle, but some riddles hide more than twist endings…

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