Two armies cross swords in a desperate conflict. The Coalition have wrapped themselves in armored cavalry and are wreaking havoc as hard as possible. Can they create peace through absurd amounts of violence?

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The Traveler’s State is in chaos. Freedom is in the grips of tyranny, and it is up to the Heroes to set it free. In their path is a horrific villain and her army of mooks.

It’s time for the Coalition to go to work.

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A strange invitation. A gathering of vigilantes. A war-torn jungle, and freedom threatened.

A new team of Heroes rises to the fore and enters the fray.

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The Initiative team are hard at work solving the mystery on the Ice. But the Ice holds many secrets, and nothing is what it seems.

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The Ice: Antarctica has long been home to danger and peril to those who travel to study it. When a training site for a Mars Colony goes radio silent, it’s up to the Initiative to mount up their snowmobiles and ride off to the rescue.

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