A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

The holidays have come around once more, and even for battered and battle hardened adventurers, tis’ the season to celebrate. Life Day refuses to accept any grinches, after all.
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Taris has fallen. The Fate Ascendant is ready to leave. The exodus must begin soon.

But when your quarry goes to ground, you must leave no ground to go to. And the Mandalorians are as ruthless as ever – and their blockade is strangling Taris ever tighter…

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The Mandalorians have taken the fearless adventurers hostage. They will have to endure torture, interrogation, memory wipes, and sardonic captors if they wish to escape with their lives.
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The grasping arms of Taris are lashing out to find the adventurers. Their ship is almost ready to launch, but the consequences of their actions are closing quickly.

Silus has unfinished business with the Myrishi family. The Mandalorians are hunting our heroes. Can they cobble together an escape in time?
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The engines are primed and the starship is more or less ready to go.  The only obstacle standing between our adventurers and their escape from Taris is the little matter of an entire Mandalorian Blockade and evading their long-range sensors.

It’s time to hop one more hurdle.

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