Maid is a game where all the players are maids who serve a master. The gamemaster, or “GM”, plays the role of the master. It is by default a lighthearted anime-themed roleplaying game of conflict, friendship, romance, and overcoming adversity for the sake of the master. Crazy events happen all the time in the mansion; a yakuza crime boss shows up with a deed to the mansion, claiming ownership; a meteorite crashes into the garden, from which a strange alien princess emerges; a giant robot threatens the city, including the mansion. The maids have to deal with all these events while at the same time making sure the master is protected and well cared for.

Maid RPG – Charles Bronson Day

Back on July 4th, the Drunk and Ugly sat down to play the Maid RPG, run by Sean. This is what resulted. (Also Matt had a few beers.)  After a completely boring character generation, the guys set out to have some normal adventures in a completely bland setting.

Well. In a less-insane world, that would be the case. But this is Maid RPG. And this, dear listeners, this truly is madness.  Hop along for the ride as the Drunk and Ugly celebrate the greatest of all American holidays in the only way they know how.

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