Trail of C’thulhu – The Wives of March (Part 1)


July 1933: Barefoot Crossing, GA: in the midst of the Great Depression, one man and a revival tent are keeping this small town alive. Dashell March is a savior, and is set to lead the people of Barefoot Crossing to prosperity like a divine savior. Until someone murders him.

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Trail of C’thulhu – The Wives of March (Part 2)


Something is very wrong with the March family, and their dreadful secrets are coming to light. While Patricia Callary and Demetrius Briggs waltz into the den of the beast, Ken Shelby discovers a horrific scene.

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Trail of C’thulhu – The Wives of March (Part 3)


Patricia Callary and Demetrius Briggs went into the belly of the beast and there learned some disturbing truths about the March family. But the worst is beyond their imagining, and is bearing down on all three investigators.

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Trail of Cthulhu – Dinner with Susan

Being friends with minor celebrities has its upside. Tonight, Susan Ambridge is hosting a dinner party to celebrate her new publication and its impending success.

But for Janella Randolph and Dr. Weiss, the evening holds much more than small talk and mild entertainment…

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