The adventures of the Supernaturally powered drifters continue! Can they overcome the many challenges laid before them, as well as the problems they keep making for themeselves?

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A ghost was fought. A mansion was exorcised. A storm was stopped, and amazingly, the supernaturally charged band of ruffians actually got paid!

They skipped town soon after, moments ahead of the Zekist Paladins. They find themselves coming to the broad edge of shore at the end of the long river they had been travelling down. The town of Faro stands before them, ripe for opportunity.

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The supernaturally altered adventurers found and stopped a serial killer. Their horrifying powers were put to good use, and the community is safe from the threat of the murderer.

Now, the strange band find themselves having to deal with a conspiracy of advanced humans that has taken root in the area. Can they survive the conflict?

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The supernaturally charged wanderers have found themselves in the middle of a town that wants them dead. Even worse, a group of Zekist Paladins are on the trail of the wanderers. These bloodthirsty inquisitors will stop at nothing to strike down those they see as heretics and monsters.

Can this strange group of misfits work together to survive? Or will they be swept into the dust of history?

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The trade caravans that cross the known nations are a haven for the lost, the dispossessed, and the freaks. For four outlanders, the caravans are the closest thing to home they have.

But the hard life of a traveler is not in the cards for these outlanders. They are touched by destiny, granted power beyond that of mortal men. How will they shape their lives with this power? Will it be used to build? Or rend the world asunder?

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