Hello internet! We’d like to give a warm welcome to all of our new listeners. We’re very glad to have y’all.

Most of you are here looking for Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home, which begins here. This is our flagship campaign.  Run in Monsters and Other Childish Things, it focuses on a group of supernaturally gifted (or cursed) teenagers in a Halfway Home in the midwestern city of Troy. They get into and cause a lot of trouble. This story is currently FINISHED. We’re super proud of how the campaign turned out, and now you can listen to all of it!

Our currently posting campaigns are Fate Ascendant, which begins here, and Happiest Waste on Earth, which begins here.

Set in the Old Republic setting of Star Wars, Fate Ascendant follows a group of motley heroes during the events of the Mandalorian Wars.  As the Republic struggles against the military machine of the Mandalorians, and the Jedi struggle with a policy of neutrality in the wake of the disastrous Great Sith War, the crew will become embroiled in galaxy-shaking events, long ago and far away.

Happiest Waste on Earth is a game set in the Fallout Universe (established by Interplay and maintained by Bethesda Softworks), played in Evil Hat’s FATE Core system. The story follows a small band of wanderers and adventurers that find themselves dealing with the troubles in and surrounding Kismet Park, a giant theme park in central Florida. The actions they take and the choices they make there will have consequences that echo through the whole eastern seaboard.

Not satisfied with this stuff? Want to make your voice heard and vote on what should be posted? Check out our monthly One-Shot Actual Play Poll. Once a month, we’ll post an AP of a one-shot adventure we’ve run, as voted on by YOU!

Have critiques for the show?  Write in anonymously to our Suggestion Box or email us at thedrunkandtheugly@gmail.com!

Other things worth listening to: check out the sidebar for all of our campaigns, either finished or on season-break.

You can find us on twitter, @TheDrunkandUgly, on Facebook, and on our forums (available by the handy button on the right of the page).

We also do a twice-weekly Youtube Let’s Play channel!

All of the show’s episodes are available on iTunes, as well as on the site.

Join in the conversation in the comment threads of the episodes, as well as the active forum!


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      Thank you for the sentiments. And for posting in THE FORBIDDEN COMMENTS SECTION!

  1. You guys really have a great here. I can only see bright futures for all of you & your content.

  2. I was a player for one of your awesome GMs at GenCon 2016, and can’t wait to go through your archive! Looking through your site, I’m not seeing where to sign up to be told when you have new things uploaded. Then again, I’m on mobile as well, so tiny screen.

    Stay awesome!

  3. Love your channel. Went to the way back and listened to the poketopia you should flash that out and replay that for alil bit

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