Dark Heresy Episode 1 – Seeds of Heresy (Part 1)

The Imperial Inquisition exists to root out the enemies of the Emperor, wherever they roam. A festering rot has set in on the agrarian world of Novabella, and a fresh team of Inquisitorial Acolytes must cut it out at the source.

Danger lurks around every corner and masks itself in smiling faces. It will take all the cunning available to survive.

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Dark Heresy Episode 2 – Seeds of Heresy (Part 2)

In pursuit of understanding the loss of the grain tithe, the Acolytes meet with the head priest to ask about the aggro-harvest sedality while another team heads to investigate the Chapel.  However, it seems as though not all of the harvesters are in line with serving their emperor. . .

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Dark Heresy Episode 3 – Seeds of Heresy (Part 3)

Their investigation complete and their suspicions of the royal families confirmed, the Inquisitors make their intents apparent and exact judgment on the heretics.

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Dark Heresy Episode 4 – Desolation of the Dead

Having purged the heretics on Novabella, the Inquisitors are gloriously reassigned to Desoleum for interrogation work.  This dirty clockwork world appears to have dredged up some mysterious rotten corpses.  The cause of death still remains unknown.

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Dark Heresy Episode 5 – Desolation of the Dead (Part 2)

The investigation of the mysterious unknown bodies on Desoleum has lead our Inquisitors to an even more mysterious doctor.  While attempting to again purge the heresy from another world, their investigation into this healer reveals more ancient secrets.

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