Who Are These Guys?

Active Cast Members

Matt “The Capman” Campen is a space cow from Chi-Town, Illinois.
  • Met Chris Hadfield
  • Hugged Conan O’Brien
  • Mediocre artist, writer, webmaster, musician, video and audio editor, and cook
  • Game of Choice: Monsters and Other Childish Things
Alex “Doctor RX” Romero is our neighbor to the North. All the way from Montreal, Canada.
  • Speaks with a terrible French accent
  • Loves cooking but makes a terrible husband
Charlie “Charpie/Charkie” Olmstead is a dude from North Carolina.
  • Got his hair from a seventies rock star
  • Is no friend of technology
  • Spelz gud
  • Was once mistaken for a pug
James “The Notorius P.U.G.” Colmar is a young fellow from Ohio.
  • Owns a Hawaiian shirt for every day of the month.
  • Is enemies with the sound of his own voice.
  • Claims incorrectly to know how brains work.
Kevin “Riker” Colmar is an older fellow from Ohio.
  • The unluckiest man in the world.
  • Feeds off of your hatred.
  • Looks exactly like Jonathan Frakes.
Travis “Bark Bark I’m A Dog” Gasque is a dog-obsesser who happens to be an ex-frat bro.
  • Is a pitiable man
  • Lives where the money is
  • Loves Dogs
  • Kinda Engineery
  • Loves Dogs
  • Knows lots of useless things
  • Loves Dogs
Joshua “No Butt Stuff” is a fat pony.
  • Does a great dog voice.
  • Loves wizards more than humanly possible.
  • Conducting the great southern hair migration.
  • A very “Yes butt” kind of guy
Max “Duchess of Hellas” Daniels is a living DotA dictionary from Oregon.
  • Has no idea what he’s doing at any given moment.
  • Thinks about food a lot.
  • His internet is s⥱▦╦₽er good.
███████ “Axe” ████████ is a ████████ from ████████.
  • ████████████████████████████
  • ███████████████████████████████████
  • █████████████████████
  • Game of Choice: ███████
Susan “Wants to Pet all Cats” Scott is a teacher to be from Ohio.
  • Met Carrie Fisher and had her hair complimented
  • Can watch a full Lord of the Rings marathon with almost no breaks
  • Wants to date all the pretty Japanese boys in her dating sims

Former Cast Members

Hannah “Honey Bear Burr” Herkert is a Cheesehead from Wisconsin.
  • Has nothing funny to say
  • May actually be a Grizzly Bear
  • Self-Proclaimed Queen of Butts
Sean “Piklom” Henderson is an Indie Game enthusiast from Oklahoma.
  • Resident Artist
  • Spirit Animal is the Mighty Buffalo
  • Game of Choice: “It’s pretty obscure. You probably haven’t heard of it.”
Sam “Salkovich” Graebner is a writer and egomaniac from South Carolina
  • Subsists only on Coffee, Whiskey, and Dramatic Irony
  • Once claimed to have wrestled a bear
  • Game of Choice: Fear Itself
Nate “Nayt, N8, Neight, Nait, Neit, Pneight” Knapp is a Published Author from West Virginia.
  • Administrator of Sordid Dystopia
  • Author of Sordid Dystopia
  • Writer of terrible pulp novels
  • Game of Choice: “So, okay, it’s a pretty long story.  Let’s see. . . when I was nine years old. . .”
Amanda “OhMandaz” Carney is an avid skeleton lover and artist from West Virginia.
  • Makes dat sky-high cheddar
  • Draws the sexiest artz
  • The hardest and purest party drug I know
  • Wakes up every morning to the grim realization of being Zach Mansur.
  • Disappears for weeks on end with absolutely no notice whatsoever.
  • Once hugged Nathan Allen Knapp. It was the best moment of his life.
Jeff “Fishsticks” Swanson is just this guy from Oklahoma, you know?
  • He always finishes what he
Gatling Gun “Gunny” Knapp is one cool cat in West Virginia.
  • Recently our most vocal player
  • Always present in every game
  • Fuzzy-Wuzzy adorable
Scratch Mansur is — MEOW
  • MEOW
  • MIAU
  • Sorry guys I have to let the cat out