Who Are These Guys?

Active Cast Members

Matt “The Capman” Campen is a colossal furfag from Chi-Town, Illinois.
  • Met Chris Hadfield
  • Hugged Conan O’Brien
  • Mediocre artist, writer, webmaster, musician, video and audio editor, and cook
  • Game of Choice: Monsters and Other Childish Things
Sam “Salkovich” Graebner is a writer and egomaniac from South Carolina
  • Subsists only on Coffee, Whiskey, and Dramatic Irony
  • Once claimed to have wrestled a bear
  • Game of Choice: Fear Itself
Charlie “Charpie/Charkie” Olmstead is a dude from North Carolina.
  • Got his hair from a seventies rock star
  • Is no friend of technology
  • Spelz gud
  • Was once mistaken for a pug
James “The Notorius P.U.G.” Colmar is a young fellow from Ohio.
  • Owns a Hawaiian shirt for every day of the month.
  • Is enemies with the sound of his own voice.
  • Claims incorrectly to know how brains work.
Kevin “Riker” Colmar is an older fellow from Ohio.
  • The unluckiest man in the world.
  • Feeds off of your hatred.
  • Looks exactly like Jonathan Frakes.
Hannah “Honey Bear Burr” Herkert is a Cheesehead from Wisconsin.
  • Has nothing funny to say
  • May actually be a Grizzly Bear
  • Self-Proclaimed Queen of Butts
Travis “Bark Bark I’m A Dog” Gasque is a dog-obsesser who happens to be an ex-frat bro.
  • Is a pitiable man
  • Lives where the money is
  • Loves Dogs
  • Kinda Engineery
  • Loves Dogs
  • Knows lots of useless things
  • Loves Dogs
Joshua “No Butt Stuff” Chichester is a fat pony.
  • Does a great dog voice
  • Loves wizards more than humanly possible
  • Conducting the great southern hair migration.
  • A very “Yes butt” kind of guy
Max “Duchess of Hellas” Daniels is a living DotA dictionary from Oregon.
  • Has no idea what he’s doing at any given moment.
  • Thinks about food a lot.
  • His internet is s⥱▦╦₽er good.
███████ “Axe” ████████ is a ████████ from ████████.
  • ████████████████████████████
  • ███████████████████████████████████
  • █████████████████████
  • Game of Choice: ███████
Susan “Wants to Pet all Cats” Scott is a teacher to be from Ohio.
  • Met Carrie Fisher and had her hair complimented
  • Can watch a full Lord of the Rings marathon with almost no breaks
  • Wants to date all the pretty Japanese boys in her dating sims

Former Cast Members

Alex “Doctor RX” Romero is our neighbor to the North. All the way from Montreal, Canada.
  • Speaks with a terrible French accent
  • Loves cooking but makes a terrible husband
Sean “Piklom” Henderson is an Indie Game enthusiast from Oklahoma.
  • Resident Artist
  • Spirit Animal is the Mighty Buffalo
  • Game of Choice: “It’s pretty obscure. You probably haven’t heard of it.”
Nate “Nayt, N8, Neight, Nait, Neit, Pneight” Knapp is a Published Author from West Virginia.
  • Administrator of Sordid Dystopia
  • Author of Sordid Dystopia
  • Writer of terrible pulp novels
  • Game of Choice: “So, okay, it’s a pretty long story.  Let’s see. . . when I was nine years old. . .”
Amanda “OhMandaz” Carney is an avid skeleton lover and artist from West Virginia.
  • Makes dat sky-high cheddar
  • Draws the sexiest artz
  • The hardest and purest party drug I know
  • Wakes up every morning to the grim realization of being Zach Mansur.
  • Disappears for weeks on end with absolutely no notice whatsoever.
  • Once hugged Nathan Allen Knapp. It was the best moment of his life.
Jeff “Fishsticks” Swanson is just this guy from Oklahoma, you know?
  • He always finishes what he
Gatling Gun “Gunny” Knapp is one cool cat in West Virginia.
  • Recently our most vocal player
  • Always present in every game
  • Fuzzy-Wuzzy adorable
Scratch Mansur is — MEOW
  • MEOW
  • MIAU
  • Sorry guys I have to let the cat out