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Gen Con 2019 Wrap-Up – The Malort Diaries

Another year, another Gen Con.  Our largest party so far traveled to Indianapolis and all have stories to tell of steps walked, games played, and unusual botanical liquors consumed.

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Tales of the Arabian Nights at Gen Con 2018

In Tales of the Arabian Nights, you are the hero or heroine in a story of adventure and wonder worthy of legend. Travel the land seeking your destiny and fortune. Along the way, you’ll encounter interesting people and strage creatures, learn stories, and gain wisdom to share with others. While there is a winner in Tales of the Arabian Nights, the game is less about seeing who wins and more about enjoying the unfolding and telling of great stories!

Enter the lands of the Arabian Nights alongside Sindbad, Scheherazade, Ali Baba, Zumurrud, and other legendary heroes. Travel the world encountering imprisoned princesses, powerful efreets, evil viziers, and marvels such as the Magnetic Mountain and the Cave of Wonders. Encounter a new creature or place every turn, but know that the choices you make will shape the rest of your travels. You might stumble upon hidden treasure and become wealthy beyond your imagination, or you could become accursed with your fate placed in the hands of another player! With an entire deck of encounter cards and the massive Book of Tales shaping how each encounter plays out, no two stories will be the same.

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Gen Con 2018 Wrap Up – Robust

Another year, another Gen Con down.  The most of our clan came that has ever come, and we have a lot of stories to tell.  Come with us, internet, on a robust adventure.

Check out our other panels and Gen Con content here:

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Hasbrothers: The Stranger Things Kellogg’s Eggo® Waffles Card Game

You like frozen Waffles? You like Stranger Things?  You like card games?  You will be mildly amused by this!

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Technical Issues with Deadlands

Audacity crashed and we lost the whole thing.  We’ve still got the raw files and we’re working to get it to you as soon as we can.

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