The Drunk and the Newsies – 3-3-2012

Hello there, internet!  We have much news for you.  Much news indeed.  Fabulous tales of a swords, eternally retold.  Err. . . wait.  Let’s start this over.

Yo wazzup world?!  This is News Bird.  I am a bird and I also do the news.  Let’s see what we got for you today:

News Bird wants to let you know that we totally got into this Facebook thing and made a group there for all of you to use.

There was this Sordid Dystopia thing?  Yeah, you guys rock.  433% funding is totally the bomb-diggity in News Bird’s book.  You dudes are the most awesome and totes we are giving you stuff for it.  Some things have already been sent out:

  • Preview Regular APs
  • Text RPs
  • The Persona-based MaOCT campaign, which is not done on account of how long it takes to edit.  There will be 6 episodes in there and you will be told when a new one is posted, so STAY TUNED
Also talk of contributor games.  We have asked everyone in that bracket and have only gotten 4 responses out of 7 so far.  We will send more updates as we keep going.  Games again are
  • Sam – Call of Cthulu – Grad students checking out a strange trend in the South Carolina Marshes.
  • Nate – Little Fears Nightmare Edition – Set in Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home.  The characters will be kids between the ages of 6 and 12 and do things that will be canon to the universe.
  • Matt – Monsters and Other Childish Things – All I can say is that it heavily involves pop music.
  • Charlie – Sordid Dystopia – A game based on a LeJeune’s Home adventure we played.  Humans are exploring an uncharted island only to find that wacky adventures await.
News Bird is also happy to let you know that we found our April Fools game for the year.  And it is amazing.

Stay tuned as we answer your questions, including a very special Question and Answer session wherein we bug a published author with our inane rambling.


  1. Thanks for answering my questions, it was fun hearing about all that. And it’s always nice to hear Ross making his podcast rounds.

    I can see how Doug is kind of a meh character for you, but I mean he *was* born doing the “I punch him in the throat!” era of the podcast. 😛 Thankfully Donnie exists so Matt actually has somebody to play when he’s not GMing. Myself and another player in my local group have this weird thing where we often come up with better ideas for characters after we’ve already started playing a game. Probably because the real creativity only seems to start churning after we’ve been playing for a bit. Thankfully I’ve

    So I absolutely love the way you sort of “communal” GM the Mrs. Frieda’s campaign and I think one of the games I play in could benefit *hugely* from adopting that model. How/why did you decide to do it that way, or did it just happen naturally? Were you inspired by any group storytelling RPG systems out there? When I first started listening to Frieda’s it reminded me of a Fiasco game in that everybody got a turn at telling their story. It also was reminiscent of Prime Time Adventures (which you should totally check out and play if you haven’t already) in how every character gets a “spotlight episode” as it were, and can tell the story they want with their character.

    Gracias amigos!

  2. damn you all for reminding me how bad I want to hear more Monsters/Ms Frieda’s…

  3. I think the real crime is I still can’t decide.
    Sam does you scenario have someone with martial arts? Or shotgun? Or a scientist with access to chemistry/explosives?

    I wish I had at that time the extra money to be in both games.
    Anyways great as always. And I’ve noticed I’ve commented less recently. Helps that I’ve been trying to catch up as I had no internet for 4days. So besides that I’ll be commenting again soon.
    And why is it that my grammar is so poor when doing these posts?

    Sam Clone of the Fake Real Sam

  4. I’ve got a question, I’ve think I know the answer to it but I have to ask. What is you go to RPG? As in when you GM for a group of people and you get to choose the system what system would you play?
    My, poorly informed, opinion on the matter is: Nate’s current one is Little Fears (he said something along those lines in either the Newsies or the RPPR interview); Matt’s is Monsters (self evident in my delusional mind); Charlie’s is, I’m guessing, SD as that is the only system he has run with any consistency in the posted APs, and Sam’s is CoC for the same reason as Charlie. Amanda, Sean, and everyone else I have no idea.

    Also there is a anime/game/scifi convention thingy coming up in Atlanta. If it is finished by that time, I’m gonna can try and run a game of SD there to get player opinions and get the word out for the system.

  5. I’m a little late commenting on this, but I just wanted to say I was sort of hoping to spark that kind of discussion with my comment (in addition to implying Nate is, shall we say, easy.). And I just want to say I’m in total agreement with Neight about having romance in a story, particularly in a character-heavy story, and in ways that make sense.

    Which brings me to my next point, which has a bit to do with what your were talking about with Little Fears, and, ultimately, why I like your APs so much: you guys lean towards character driven stories and character-centric drama, which is what I think makes for the best sort of story. It’s something really hard to pull off in tabletop roleplaying, and I think the fact that you do it over Skype probably helps; you can stay in your character’s voice, and can still make table-chat via text. I am intensely jealous of your group dynamic, really, as my current RL group is not super into that sort of roleplaying.

    And back to the romances in your game, I just want to say I think they are well done, and so far none really seem forced. (Except maybe with Leon, but given the awkward circumstances…) It’s nice that you are all mature enough to roll with things like that when they happen, if not in fact revel in them. Although I do want to say I dislike Emma and Scott’s relationship. I’m not saying it’s poorly done, or doesn’t make sense given the context, just that I want to punch it, despite apparently everyone thinking it is adorable.

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