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Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 60 – Rat Triangle


The kids are staring down the double barrels of Finals Week, and none of the high schoolers have studied. An emergency study session is called, with the whole team assembled.

Meanwhile, Emma and Scott are babysitting Dash Princely’s girlfriend’s younger sister, who is giving off all kinds of monster mojo vibes. What secrets does this girl hold, and how much will engaging Molly to find out screw things up?

Can the study session be a success? How funny exactly is a really big hat? Will Molly reveal the crucial information she possesses? How exactly do you study for World History? These questions and more, on Mrs. Friedas.

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Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 59 – Fight Club


The kids all had one hell of a party. Punch was drunk, dances were had, time shenanigans were played with; people got drunk, got lucky, got dumped. George and Eld managed to save BQ from a sudden medical emergency through judicious application of supernatural means, and everybody got home safely.

Which means it’s back to the grind; school must be dealt with, and there’s that serial killer running around that they still need to do something with.

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Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 58 – Monster Mash


Tonight, a Massive High School party shuts down half of Troy. One man was reported as claiming it to be both “off the shizzle” and “straight rock and roll dope, yo.”

It’s time for the Frieda’s kids to get their party on. Can Manny avoid being ruthlessly hit on by Banshee Queen? Can George woo Etsu away from Nele? Will Eldar Dane actually show up to this High School party? Will anyone get drunk and throw up on Dr. G?

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Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 57 – Cleaning House


Tim, having suddenly regained free will, has some errands to run. There are people he needs to talk to, and plans he needs to hammer together in order to take down Slash Hackman. Justice needs to be served, and Tim owes debts.

Other preparations are being made to attack Hackman; Emma has a favor to call in from Elder Dane, and Nele is determined to train her and Scott in self-defense.

Meanwhile, strange events are building up again in Troy. The Mayor of Troy has a new direction in the search for Slash Hackman, and someone is trying to track down Etsu.

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To Hell and Back Finale – Revelations


The manor is insidious, constantly setting its inhabitants on the edge of madness. Gene and Nicky have so far heroically resisted, but how long can they hold out?

They attempt an escape, only to find that they should have read the fine point in their contracts.

The time of midnight is drawing close. Can the children keep their heads – and their souls?

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