Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 57 – Cleaning House


Tim, having suddenly regained free will, has some errands to run. There are people he needs to talk to, and plans he needs to hammer together in order to take down Slash Hackman. Justice needs to be served, and Tim owes debts.

Other preparations are being made to attack Hackman; Emma has a favor to call in from Elder Dane, and Nele is determined to train her and Scott in self-defense.

Meanwhile, strange events are building up again in Troy. The Mayor of Troy has a new direction in the search for Slash Hackman, and someone is trying to track down Etsu.

Side chatter



  1. kickass session indeed. had some of my favorite sorts of interactions, which may be part of the reason: special attention given to the less focal characters, and when funny characters have to get serious (Molly and Tim)

  2. Oh God. The feels with Tim… T_T
    I also love how Molly can directly speak with the narrator.

    1. Author

      Molly is the Deadpool of the Friedasverse

  3. “That’s a little overpowered.” Really? That from the guy with the plot-button god bird and playing the girl with psychic nonsense?

    1. Shit, I don’t even remember which thing was over-powered here.

  4. Charlie really shined in this episode with his GMing. The whole mind palace scene was an interesting way to look at the psychic powers, I would use it at the drop of a hat in my own games.

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