Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 58 – Monster Mash


Tonight, a Massive High School party shuts down half of Troy. One man was reported as claiming it to be both “off the shizzle” and “straight rock and roll dope, yo.”

It’s time for the Frieda’s kids to get their party on. Can Manny avoid being ruthlessly hit on by Banshee Queen? Can George woo Etsu away from Nele? Will Eldar Dane actually show up to this High School party? Will anyone get drunk and throw up on Dr. G?


  1. George is such a loveable douche. He needs to be less cool so I can dislike him properly.

  2. No Etsu sent to deal with the party, that is like sending a fly against a fly swatter, she is a pathetic ant to any of the party members. Sent to deal with them that is so idiotic it spins around to funny

  3. Instead of shenanigans, the terms fiasco and debacle can also be used.
    And I agree with Tim, Hammerstein’s innuendos are funnier when he’s not trying.

  4. Loved this episode, soooo many cameos. Only wish there were more.
    I know Hack is narcissistic, but him going to that party with a bunch of powerful monsters seems like a stupid idea.

    1. Also if George keeps this healing thing up, he might just get an army of loyal slaves.

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