Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 59 – Fight Club


The kids all had one hell of a party. Punch was drunk, dances were had, time shenanigans were played with; people got drunk, got lucky, got dumped. George and Eld managed to save BQ from a sudden medical emergency through judicious application of supernatural means, and everybody got home safely.

Which means it’s back to the grind; school must be dealt with, and there’s that serial killer running around that they still need to do something with.

Side chatter



  1. I don’t care what haters say – I love the Frieda Kids stories.

    1. Author

      Glad to hear you’re enjoying the show! Frieda’s will pick up again in a couple months to present the final arc.

  2. Hackman isn’t a sociopath. He’s a psychopath.
    Sociopaths are just like normal people. The only difference is that sociopaths don’t feel guilt. They can do anything, but they won’t feel guilty about it.
    PSYCHOPATHS only do things for their own amusement.

  3. I was really disappointed to hear the direction the Molly character was taken. In the previous episodes, she had been taken in by this hackman growth; thus displaying she has some flaws and she could have grown as a character from that. Instead suddenly she is this Lelouch level mental genius that can fool a being that can read her mind inside it and this was all a plan. Completely out of nowhere, really wish the GM didn’t let the players brow-beat him to let her be this super being instead of a flawed little girl that was too arrogant and now had to deal with her actions fallout..

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