Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 60 – Rat Triangle


The kids are staring down the double barrels of Finals Week, and none of the high schoolers have studied. An emergency study session is called, with the whole team assembled.

Meanwhile, Emma and Scott are babysitting Dash Princely’s girlfriend’s younger sister, who is giving off all kinds of monster mojo vibes. What secrets does this girl hold, and how much will engaging Molly to find out screw things up?

Can the study session be a success? How funny exactly is a really big hat? Will Molly reveal the crucial information she possesses? How exactly do you study for World History? These questions and more, on Mrs. Friedas.

Side chatter



  1. Charlie has become a good GM. His mindscape settings are really neat. Bravo!

  2. There is actually a city in Michigan named Troy. I think.
    Nice story, Bear. Now go make us tea.
    I like to think that Molly knows about August.
    Finally! We learn why Eld is called The Reaper. That was badass, by the way.
    Nele’s Archeon! We finally have a name for him!

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