To Hell and Back Finale – Revelations


The manor is insidious, constantly setting its inhabitants on the edge of madness. Gene and Nicky have so far heroically resisted, but how long can they hold out?

They attempt an escape, only to find that they should have read the fine point in their contracts.

The time of midnight is drawing close. Can the children keep their heads – and their souls?


  • Nate – Nicole “Nicky” Mazzera. A 13-year-old proto-hipster girl with strawberry blonde hair and the most chill disposition.
  • Zach – Genesis “Gene” Seabright.  An energetic, good-natured child with brown hair, blue eyes, freckles, sweet pumps, and some mysterious bruises.

Map of The Manor


  1. Awe Yes!!! I loved the SAFE games in Crescent hill But did not realize the connection until halfway through! That is amazing, love it.

  2. Amazing miniature campaign.
    With great characters, chemistry, and story line
    Charlie did an amazing job with the Silent Hill inspired ideas for the horror elements and themes. Especially using the ideas of 2 & 3 with the not what one person see’s is what everyone see’s.

    Also finally listened to these sessions. Listened to the first when they first got published but never go around to the others until today.
    I don’t know what the exact evil plan was. I could not tell if she wanted to stop suffering, stop her own suffering, the towns or that one persons. But I did call certain minor things(gun still having bullets, etc.)
    I loved the character chemistry

    What was the Janitor doing? Creepy perv stuff or actually watching her as they didn’t know if Nicky was a perfect candidate?
    I like this but I think it needs 1 more NPC/PC if you really want to setup the numbers theme; so their is 12 people there. It works fine without just could be an added bonus to players paying attention or another clue
    Did the group have a set timeline before things went bad, then worse, before we are all dead. Or was it more a the more they did the faster it moved situation.

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