Mrs. Friedas Halfway Home Session 51 – Ghost Adventures

It’s the first day back for Emma at Spring Crescent: sporting a new haircut, and a shiny new feeling of intense peer judging. Will she survive the gauntlet of middle schoolers?

Meanwhile, things are apparently stirring at the local Ackerson Mansion. A party is being held that Friday, and Dash Princely has invites to give out. Unfortunately, more ominous things than “videogames” and “hangouts” are stirring. The Ackersons have coincidentally hired GEIST and Etsu Hikane to investigate a strange spirit haunting their Mansion.

Also meanwhile, Molly Weits, girl psychic wonder extraordinare, gets a sudden, oddly specific premonition. It directs her to the Ackerson Mansion. She knows that things are about to get deadly.

Friday night: it’s all right.

Side chatter



  1. Jingles and the Manual Zoom!

  2. Yay! Thanks for more Jingles. Hope there is more of her later in the other 2 episodes. I don’t like Molly much. Like at all. I think it’s because Sam doesn’t roll for her to know things and she just know things for no good reason. If it was treated like an actual skill it probably wouldn’t bother me. But that might just be me. If all her comments were just under her breath so no one can hear her then it might not bother me so much. Or if it was easier to tell what was in character and out of character comments for her. Cause Sam makes her do stupid stuff from time to time that he says isn’t cannon. But I guess she’s fun….. sometimes.

    1. Author

      To be honest, Sam didn’t really like playing Molly that much. I don’t think he intended to pick her up again after the old Little Fears game.

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