A reckoning, heard. A battle fiercely raged. A tide, turning. It is time for those mired in the struggle to determine how things will come to an end.

Will the children of Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home, their friends, and their loved ones survive the firestorm of violence that have swept over them? Who will find their way clear to emerge blinking into a new day?

It is time for those mired in the struggle to determine how things will come to an end.

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The battle is joined. Across Troy, fighting erupts as supernatural forces engage the despotical shadow government strike teams.

For those desperate few fighting for their lives, the situation has never been more dire.

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Mr. Siva has disappeared. Fenix and Julie are leading an MIB strike team on a wild goose chase through Troy. Etsu and Nele infiltrated the MIB headquarters, and discovered that the secret organization is using the Underworld to move troops and war machines.

The balloon has gone up: the war has started early. There is only time for a few moments of last planning before Troy is plunged into fire and blood.

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A plane, carrying weary reinforcements for a besieged city, flies in low over Troy. A war council, convened. Apologies and contrition exchanged, and reunions conducted.

The clock is running. The war has come.

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Meanwhile, high above America, a crew of tired, sore, and badly beaten youths fly home.  Troy is ahead, surrounded and on the brink of war.

Their last moments of peace are found here. A homecoming is arranged. A date planned.

Thunderclouds bloom ahead. A city is waiting for its reinforcements.

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