Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 52 – Ghost Conclusions

Our brave, bold, and daring adventurers are still trapped in a Haunted House. Doing their Scooby-Doo thing.

There’s a horrible ghost in front of them, pit traps at their feet, and nothing but bad times ahead.


Side chatter



  1. I wanna see more of the ghost mom monster. She seems like a voice of reason and/or overbearing concern that could really change the group dynamic. For good or for ill, who knows.

  2. When Roy said “settle this like men”, I really expected Etsu to reply “But I am not a man.”

    1. Author

      One-liners are not exactly Etsu’s forte, unfortunately.

  3. I like the way Butch is catorgorizing his problems. Very organized. Much better then the kids. Because to be frank the kids have a lot of problems that they seem to be ignoring. There biggest problem is with Slash that is spying on them constantly, knows all of their secrets, that if told to the proper people would hurt them a lot, or could just find a way to expose Manny or Scot for there non human property’s, could possibly be going around right now killing hundreds of innocent people, and they have no idea were he could possibly be! Like at all. At least before, when he was a janitor, they knew were he was during the day. But they didn’t do anything about it! Now he could be any where, and none of the kids with monsters that can get info out of thing air haven’t asked them about his whereabouts. They haven’t even asked some of there more powerful ally’s to help them, even though Emma tried with the angels, that was forever ago, and she hasn’t followed through on that! But at least she tried. And I refuse to believe that the middle schoolers haven’t looked for more of the symbols in their school to destroy, there is no way in hell that Molly hasn’t tracked them all down and written them on a map. I mean there is a forest goddess trap by occultists for god’s sakes! And they haven’t done anything about it for 2 to 3 weeks! And they could be doing a lot more investigating on Black Book if they wanted to…. but haven’t. I mean I know this is how this groups works but they are missing some pretty big pictures here.

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