Call of Cthulhu – Lover Before The Ice

1967 Brazil: RYAN WHITEHEAD, hot off the success of his first novel (Man Jesus with the Golden Arm) has become a revered author in the growing American counter-culture. Described as “the next Hunter Thompson rising from the swamps of Southern Gothic,” the author has his pick of book deals and assignments. Seeking to cash-in on his long-awaited success, Whitehead signs a contract with Blammo! magazine for a cover piece. The determining factor in his decision? Free tickets to Brazil and a per diem for alcohol.

The piece is meant to cover construction of the Transamazon Highway. After the coup of ’64, the military government promised the people they’d cut a highway through the untamed jungle that ran the length of the entire river. Rumor has it that the encampment of the workers, nicknamed “Little Altamira,” is a lawless border town of drugs, sex, and every other vice imaginable. The town limps behind the steamrollers, rebuilding itself every day so it can party all through the night. Blammo! is eager for a piece over this lawless bordertown in Whitehead’s inimitable style.

At the insistence of the author, accompanying is ALBERT CAPCHKA, Ryan’s life-long friend, lawyer, and drug dealer. Making sure the boys actually do some writing at the end of all their partying is GABRIELLA LARENTINO, a Portuguese immigrant, editor for the magazine’s feminist coverage, and all-around professional stickler.

Together, they head down the river to intercept Little Altamira as it cuts its way across the jungle. Then things go terribly wrong, of course.


This was one of the Skype sessions run by Hebanon Games and RPPR’s own Caleb Stokes, for his successfully funded Kickstarter “No Security: Horror Scenarios in the Great Depression.”

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Side Chatter

The Amante

Little Altamira Map


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  1. Bakerdea
    Posted March 21, 2015 at 7:05 pm | Permalink

    I loved this game! But what can you expect with a cast like this and that GM. Are we ever going to see that other game they were talking about at the end.

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