Mrs Frieda’s Session 16 – The Love Song of Dash Princely

It’s early morning on Friday and Frieda’s horrible, screeching voice is calling our protagonists to wake up, and get downstairs. It’s time to sign up for extra-curricular activities at school (since most of the kids would be prone to lighting fires, graffiti, and harassing the elderly if left to their own devices).

After some extreme coercion to get Manny and Emma onto the bus, the kids are set off on the longest bus ride ever. A prank war ensues, Nele calls Emma fat, and George beats Manny in Rock Paper Scissors. (Also there’s a news report about some serial killer, but no one listens to it.)

Important questions are raised during this session. Will Jingles ever get rid of creepy kid James? How many athletic teams can Nele be drafted for? Will George ever stop throwing Rock? And just who is this strange, constantly sparkling ladies-man named Dash Princely?



  1. Another good episode here. Though I have to say I liked the first half the best but that is my personal preferance. Jingles running away from the threat of school cracked me up, I had a hard time keeping myself from falling out of my chair for that one. Ambulance noise crew running to see what was going on made me get images in my mind that were hilarious. As Scott talked tried to get the atention of the art teacher and the following talk really let me see much of that character I think.
    Anyway thanks again.
    Claes Svensson

  2. I’m famous! Not really… But if you guys wants to make me an NPC thats cool. But I have one request, when he outlives his usefulness please kill him in the most horrible death possible. I’m talking either Odyn come in and “paint a masterpiece” or Manny snaps and finally has a “good meal.” (I swear I’m not crazy.)

  3. THIS IS MY COMMENT! You guys (gals included) are incredible. And your output is incredible. Do y’all somehow get paid to do this??? Anyway. This comment is standing in for all the podcasts I’ve listened to so far (at least 20). I’m loving Ms. Freida’s campaign and the Sordid Distopia with Charlie, Nate, and Rave. (I haven’t listened to the other campaigns with thise games yet). Also, where’s the last episode of the L5R? Awesome, dramatic, and fun RPing.


  4. Wow, that Mrs. Frieda voice…
    Been listening through the Mrs. Frieda sessions for the first time, and I must say, you guys have done awesome with these. The characters are well acted, The scenarios are very believable in-universe, and the kids act like actual kids, rather than the “innocent” nonsense that most people portray kids as. I must admit that I was a tad slow to start listening in to these podcasts, but these have brought me many hours of laughter and entertainment. Thank you for making these podcasts, and please do have fun with it!

    1. Author

      Hahaha yeah, Charlie’s Frieda voice is madness.

      I’m not sure who else you’ve heard play children, but innocence is an interesting subject. We’ve never really had to deal with that as monster-having usually requires a kid to be in a bad place. Also at least for MaOCT we never get younger than teenage years, when innocence is pretty much diving anyway, even in the most sheltered homes.

      Glad you enjoy the show!

      1. uh, wow… never actually had content creators respond to my comments before. Is it weird that I feel a little starstruck at the concept?

        On a side note, who would I have to contact to see about getting a picture of George trying to throw Dash out a window? I just moved, and my walls are pretty barren right now, so if I could get a poster of that, I would be more than happy to buy a copy.

        On another tangent, is there going to ever be a session where the nuisance of Dash’s existence builds up to anything, or is he just there to annoy people? I’ve gotten up to session 29, and it feels almost definite that somewhere along the lines, something aught to happen to justify George and Emma’s desire to see some comeuppance be laid down upon that narcissistic violinist…

        1. Author

          I can say that Dash Princely does go somewhere. It takes a long time and doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it does go somewhere.

          1. Okay, good to know, thanks for telling me.

  5. This is my second time going through the Frieda’s series but my first time commenting. I don’t get why I didn’t the first time

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