Road Trip Session 15 – The Eternal Glades (Part 1)

Following a little night-time adventure, the kids are ready to get out into the Florida Everglades and start looking for “The Heart of the Glades”.  Some quick research from their robot friend turned up a story about some kids missing from a summer camp deep in the Everglades.

After a quick airboat rental (and plans to get the money back in a COMPLETELY LEGITMATE FASHION), the kids head out to investigate the park.  Hopefully they’ll find the answer quickly; the sky’s looking a little dark today.



  1. [Spoilers]

    Jesus Christ RJ is molestery in this game!! Don’t get me wrong it works really well the character but I felt awkward listening to that conversation. I think the order of best “evil” voices RJ (I’m assuming the fox is evil) just took the lead, followed by Sam with his Odyn voice, and Amanda in third (mostly cause Buibui hasn’t been seen/heard that much in Frieda’s yet but s/he was scary).
    Sorry Nate, Grinning Man is crazy awesome but I think he is more visual than vocal if you get my drift. I know in Little Fears he seemed to be more interested in wrecking things than talking.

    1. Haha, it’s all good! I’m admittedly not too good with doing a creepy voice, mostly because my voice doesn’t change in tone all that much. The best I’ve got is a slimy accent or a gravely tone. It’s impossible to top RJ, though. Especially since the man’s so damn convincing. He could talk a person into willingly walking to their own horrible demise if he wanted to. Thankfully, he hasn’t.

      [Spoilers about previous episodes below]

      Also, yeah, it’s true. The Grinning Man isn’t much of a talker, speaking mostly just to psych a person out or outright terrify them. In fact, my biggest mistake with him was having him talk at the end of Smile. Were I to rerun that someday for a different group (which would be difficult, considering how personalized that game was for this group), I’d change it so that the end has him simply showing up in the creepiest possible way, following by trying to brutally murder everyone without verbal warning. That sort of thing would make him more of a monster to be frightened by; after all, we as human beings are most terrified by something we can’t understand.

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