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Mrs. Friedas Session 69 – Scott’s Terrible No Good Very Bad Day


It’s January 12th. Troy is swathed in snow, and the kids of Troy County Public School have a snow day ahead of them. Unfortunately, for Scott Valle and Emma Vaerbond, that means chores: specifically, babysitting.

A wild troupe of the young children who live on the second floor are itching for adventure of the pirate variety. A treasure hunt is in their future, and X, of course, marks the spot.

This episode is the final contributor game for the Sordid Dystopia Kickstarter.

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Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 68 – Exile Vilify


The crazy mayor has been defeated. His utterly inane plot was foiled easily by the kids of Mrs. Frieda’s halfway home.  In addition, George, Manny, and Caleb survived their chance encounter with the Grinning Man and the nightmares in Brendan Kerrington’s head.

It is January now, and George is having bad dreams. His old sins have come back to haunt him, and they will have their justice.

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Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 67 – Switch


It’s New Years Eve, and the city of Troy is in the middle of a truly bizarre political crisis: the Mayor is literally insane.

Meanwhile, George and Etsu are being haunted by a strange ghostly entity; but it remains to be seen whether or not the ghosts of the past will be the ones that endure.

There is a mystery to figure out, and so many shenanigans to get into.

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Mrs Frieda’s Session 66 – Bait


Boxing day, how does it even work? There are last minute gifts to be delivered, and a few last dregs of Christmas spirit to be rung out of the holiday.

With the oncoming New Year, the truly bizzare Dash Princely has disappeared into thin air, and Troy is introduced to the one danger it could never have expected: politics.

Will the kids be able to find Dash? Does anyone even care? And what the heck is even up with those sparkles?

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Mrs Frieda’s Session 65 – Grin and Bear It (Part 2)


Christmas was survived, and successful. Unfortunately, nothing stays peaceful these days in Troy.

Eld has an unhappy visitor, Butch has returned from a visit to South America and is looking well the worse for wear, and George and Caleb have an offer for him.

Troy is darkening, and an old evil is stirring in its shadows.

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