Mrs Frieda’s Session 66 – Bait


Boxing day, how does it even work? There are last minute gifts to be delivered, and a few last dregs of Christmas spirit to be rung out of the holiday.

With the oncoming New Year, the truly bizzare Dash Princely has disappeared into thin air, and Troy is introduced to the one danger it could never have expected: politics.

Will the kids be able to find Dash? Does anyone even care? And what the heck is even up with those sparkles?

Side chatter



  1. Poor Dash. He’s not that bad of a guy, once you get past the ridiculous sparkles. Hell, his power could make him quite dangerous if he was the manipulative type.

  2. A bee’s stinger is actually sharper than a needle, and has tiny barbs.
    I can honestly imagine Eld trying to show Kagiko anime and it honestly crack me up.

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