Mrs. Friedas Session 69 – Scott’s Terrible No Good Very Bad Day


It’s January 12th. Troy is swathed in snow, and the kids of Troy County Public School have a snow day ahead of them. Unfortunately, for Scott Valle and Emma Vaerbond, that means chores: specifically, babysitting.

A wild troupe of the young children who live on the second floor are itching for adventure of the pirate variety. A treasure hunt is in their future, and X, of course, marks the spot.

This episode is the final contributor game for the Sordid Dystopia Kickstarter.


Matt: Scott Valle, Bird-boy Extraordinare

Josh: Veronica “Mad Ronny” Cammerillo. A 9-year old girl who authentically wears an eye-patch and thinks pirates are awesome.

Claes: Angela, a 13 year old girl who suffers from a birth defect forcing her to wear leg braces.

David: Barry Moore Griffin, a 10-year old boy.

Sam (Stickwood): Charles P. Eli, a boy who walks with a cane.

Travis: Kentucky Lupara (K), a young boy who is in the Halfway Home because his grandmother is in the hospital.


  1. It was not lost no!!!!!!
    But in all seriousness yeah this was an amazingly fun game to play in. And my first time actually playing a game and not being a Gm. And it started off my tendencies towards horrible, horrible people and life choices
    Was hoping this was lost cause it was back when I disconnected I hope those didn’t cause to much of an issue Matt.
    And I love all those who were in this game, and you guys at DnU!

    Now I’ll post a reply with things from after I listen to this and get filled with regret for all my mistakes, blundering, being a jerk(IC & OoC!), and other things that come around from finally not having to keep a group of 15year olds on task for a game

    1. So follow up stuff…. 1 year 9 months later.
      So seriously what was with my bullshit luck. I have had that happen to me some weeks in games where I’ll roll amazing at everything. And then the clutch rolls will do awful, or vice versa. Or it will all be amazing.

      Also being a first time player after having exclusively run games for 14-16 year old people makes you grumpy, and not the best player.
      Still a great game though, and fun to play.

      Sadly these characters as a group will never be revisited(at least not with Charles), as Josh, Matt, and Nayt don’t like me but oh well it happens life keeps going.

      I do like how this game was setup a simple little find your power items.
      Also completely independent of each other all our characters kind of fit together and made a fairly good crew/group of friends.
      And Charles is one part Angela(Cane from accident vs. Leg Braces from birth defect), one part Kentucky(Both have a grandparent in hospital).

  2. This was a fun, and entertaining game to listen to. And now I know what was lurking beneath that friggin’ Halfway House! YAY!

    Good job to all involved.

  3. Good game. Great to see the mystery of the basement solved once and for all. And, uh… Mrs. Frieda’s on fire… I’m sure that will end well.

  4. Everything goes well in Frieda’s haven’t you learned that by now? If you’ve forgotten here, you’ve dropped your rose colored glasses.

  5. K is the absolute best. Armed with KNIFESKIRT, he is unbeatable.

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