Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 67 – Switch


It’s New Years Eve, and the city of Troy is in the middle of a truly bizarre political crisis: the Mayor is literally insane.

Meanwhile, George and Etsu are being haunted by a strange ghostly entity; but it remains to be seen whether or not the ghosts of the past will be the ones that endure.

There is a mystery to figure out, and so many shenanigans to get into.

Side chatter




  1. “They’re dropping the balls,” “It’s gonna be hard and fast,” and “I know its coming!” (3:12) All said in less than a minute, I was laughing so hard i was getting looks from coworkers. It might be immature on my part, but damn was it funny. I think anything involving balls dropping should be added to the new list of things Charlie shouldn’t / can’t say.

    1. Censorship! I think Charlie should be allowed to say anything he wants, as the reactions from everyone else are priceless.

      Poor Mayor Ulysses. Despite his most promising fiendish plan he was, ultimately, effed in the B. (That was his name, right? I keep forgetting.)

      1. Author

        Yes. We picked the name Troy because it is the most popular city name in the US and then it became a platform for naming everything after Greek Mythology.

    2. Author

      They’ve been added, but to no avail. We all know Charlie is into butt stuff.

      Glad you enjoyed the show!

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