Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 68 – Exile Vilify


The crazy mayor has been defeated. His utterly inane plot was foiled easily by the kids of Mrs. Frieda’s halfway home.  In addition, George, Manny, and Caleb survived their chance encounter with the Grinning Man and the nightmares in Brendan Kerrington’s head.

It is January now, and George is having bad dreams. His old sins have come back to haunt him, and they will have their justice.

Side chatter



  1. Once again, you folks manage to create the ultimate in emotional roller-coasters. Good job! 🙂 The first part was awesomely uplifting and the second half brought everything down. It felt as though this was or is going to lead into the close of a chapter of Frieda’s. Like almost a harbinger to the end of the campaign. Is this feeling of mine correct? If so, supremely sad. This was an amazingly entertaining session. I cant wait till what happens next.

    1. Author

      The season break is coming soon, and following that, the final arc of the campaign begins.

  2. Good session. The George confrontations were painful to listen to, but in the best way possible. I was half expecting Scott to pull out his crazy eagle voice and blow out George’s ear drums, but the one quite line was probably more effective. Also liked the Nele and Newt chat – would be weird as hell to see Newt actually cross over and become one of the gang. Interesting, but weird.

    1. Man, that coming out scene was hilarious, awkward and sweet. I loved it. Can’t have been easy to roleplay out, but you did great.

  3. During the coming out scene, while Manny was stumbling over his words like that, I kind of expected Caleb to just interject and say it bluntly.

    Honestly, I would only be half surprised if George disappeared from the campaign after this…

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