Mrs Frieda’s Session 65 – Grin and Bear It (Part 2)


Christmas was survived, and successful. Unfortunately, nothing stays peaceful these days in Troy.

Eld has an unhappy visitor, Butch has returned from a visit to South America and is looking well the worse for wear, and George and Caleb have an offer for him.

Troy is darkening, and an old evil is stirring in its shadows.

Side chatter



  1. There was a moment… just a moment… where I thought Brendan’s “girl friend” is going to end up being Aaliyah Rhodes from the Prominence session. Just the way you fine folks try to link everything together, and how much she likes knives too… I know its not, but there was a moment when that stuff came up and I was all like “That would be rad!”

    1. Author

      Alas, this was recorded probably 8 months before we ever considered playing Wild Talents.

  2. Finishes the session…

    Alright, I believe there is some competition for the Master of Horror title in the Drunk and the Ugly Circle… or at least a new player in the game of horror.

    Seriously Nate, bravo.
    This earns you another picture… once I get to a scanner. XD

  3. … I can’t believe I never connected the dots between the smiles in the portraits and the Grinning Man. Especially after Brendan’s cameo in Road Trip. Doi. Well done, well done indeed.

    1. Author

      The Grinning Man also appeared in the first part of this.

      1. I probably knew that at one point. I often listen to these while I’m working; part one may have been a casualty of divided attention. Should go back and listen to it again.

        Also, woo! My picture! Awesomesauce!

        1. Author

          It was a good and unsettling picture and also cropped really nicely.

  4. Lol Knight of time. xDDD lord of fire god homestuck I love this podcast even more. xDD

    1. Someone should totally draw Frieda’s God Tier.

      1. Author

        this might be a thing manda might already be maybe doing. maybe.

  5. It’s Daniel! Called it!

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