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Base Raiders – Boiling Point (Part 2)


Our intrepid heroes (?) got a tip-off about Lucas Mallard, and through a combination of ritalin and ghosts discovered the location of the abandoned Base he was using for super-soldier drug supplies. After kidnapping Mallard and commissioning their own personal submarine, the Base Raiders are off to the races.

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Base Raiders – Taskforce: Darknet (Part 1)


A rag tag group of Base Raiders are tipped off to a super powered drug dealer operating in the area. All challenges aside; these people need to put bread in their jar. It’s time to get paid.

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Don’t Lose Your Quarter

Arcade 7

Video game worlds collide when two unwitting characters are dragged into an adventure beyond their wildest imaginations!

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The Quiet Year – Harbor Ridge


War. War never changes. The Jackal menace has been driven off, and the small group of survivors in the Great Lakes region are starting a settlement. With one year to build and fortify, can the city stand firm in the desolate post apocalypse?

Here’s the map of the city that was made.

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Ashton City Heroes Ep 14 – Beacon Street


All of the King’s men have fallen and their leader has been dethroned. Beretta’s name has been cleared, and Giant Slayer’s beast has gone missing.  One solved problem breeds three more for the Ashton City Supers.

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