Red Markets – 2 Dead 2 Furious (Part 1)

Fresh off their initial success at Whaleland Yutuna, the Rum Runners are back to the pavement looking for another quick buck.  The crew gets tell of a truck stop that’s in need of high quality fuel to make quick runs along the coast. Time to strap in and feel the Gs.

Side Chatter


  • Kevin – Gnarly.  Immune 30-year-old, 6’3 former surfer, beach bum, freegan. lean, goatee-haver who was experienced in scavenging the leftovers before his life and wellbeing now fully depended on it.
  • James – Slugger. Latent.  6’2 well-muscled biker.  Former member of The Hopeless Ones, a motorcycle gang that, like most things, failed to survive The Crash.
  • Axe – Harpy. Former Hollywood talent agent who was enslaved when society broke down but was able to escape and make good use of her talents as a negotiator.
  • Josh – Pliskin. Soldier deployed during The Crash to fight the casualties and try to restore order in the west, she decided to leave her squad rather than join the Rebellion against the Recession Government.


  1. A beautifully tense moment as the raider you gun down violently to save a comrade turns out to be a latent. That was intense.

  2. Going from mechanical failure to full mag dump and thats just the lead up into the surprise boss fight! Can’t wait for the next episode.

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