Fear Itself – The Kessler Syndrome

It’s an average day on the International Space Station.  Daily experiments have concluded and the crew is busy working on cleaning the station, carrying out their mandatory 2 hours of exercise, or watching the Earth pass beneath them.  A call from Mission Control is about to give them more work than they could have ever expected.

Side Chatter


  • Ross – Naoto Edogawa.  Station commander.  Former member of the JSDF, big into monster movies
  • Aaron – Eduard Antonovich Salko. Strives to be the proud Russian hero like Yuri Gagarin.
  • Kevin – Kazimir Aleksovich Purona.  Former Russian Air Force, son of a decorated Soviet war hero.
  • Axe – Leah Sullivan.  USAF Medical Researcher.


  1. Giant venomous Himalayan naked mole rats, seriously?

  2. Poor, poor Galileo, his fate is sealed regardless of play-through. XD

    1. Author

      I think in a third playtest he also lost his arm but maybe lived

  3. So I imagine the descent back to Earth can go much much worse…

    1. Author

      Yeah, the story I based the cliff capsule on was actually more harrowing than what I did in the game. The actual event ended with the Soyuz pod hanging free from a cliff suspended by its parachute. Also the capsule that landed in the woods and which the cosmonauts were told not to leave because wolves came out at night. And the one from the end of the Apollo/Soyuz mission where nitrogen tetroxide started leaking into the cabin and everyone almost suffocated.

      I opted to have a mostly optimal landing so that there was a scare but everyone could continue into the scenario where they’d all get killed by Himalayan mole rats or exposure.

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