United We Stand Session 4 – Heart of Clay

Last session, the town drove off the raiding vessel and discovered an ancient temple below the central mine. The sheriff set a deputy to research the temple, while young Agnes spent some quality time with the local samurai, drawing out the better parts of his personality.

The town begins patching its wounds, both physically and metaphorically. The doctor, fed up with Hassim, moves to set the Sheriff into power in the town. The samurai offers to train Agnes, under one condition: she must keep everything he told her of secret.

Dissent and secrecy are brewing in the mining town, while forces attempt to rip it asunder.

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The Drunk and the Newsies 1-1-2012

Happy New Year, Internet!  We’re comin’ at you with an all new Newsies for an all-new year!  Listen in as we answer all of your questions (including ones you never thought you had)!

If you missed it, we will be posting our interview with Sci-Fi Laboratory on this site next Wednesday.  Be sure to check it out.

We have a whole bunch of new campaigns in the works and a bunch of other ones waiting in the wings.  So many games we shall play.  Systems include Wild Talents, Monsters and Other Childish Things, A Dirty World (we are really on an ORE kick I guess), Legend of the Five Rings, and Seventh Sea, and at least two of those campaigns are very Sci-Fi or Cyberpunk.

Ship of Fools and United We Stand are coming to an end in the next few weeks here.  We’ll be breaking from the campaigns to post one-off games in Sordid Dystopia and other systems before returning to 2 more mini-campaigns:

  • Justice For All, a Sordid Dystopia Campaign that focuses on the Umbra which was going to be a one-shot and ended up being 7 or 8 sessions.
  • The Crucible, a Deadlands prefab adventure that was supposed to be a one-shot and ended up being 4 sessions (are you sensing a theme here?)

Additionally, following the end of Ship of Fools and United We Stand, we will begin our Sordid Dystopia Kickstarter!  There are an increasing number of rewards for this beautiful thing.  Our own Nathan Knapp has written a novella set in the Sordid Dystopia Universe, several chapters of which will be included in this project.

Since we’ve been getting so many questions about this, if you are interested in the playtest copy of Sordid Dystopia, it is one of the earlier rewards.  If you give a mere $10 and we get enough funding, you will receive a copy of  the playtest notes.

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Ship Of Fools Session 6 – The Dark Side of the World

Hours after the insane captain Bryce Touglas caused the Duquetimme to be destroyed in a terrible storm, the crew comes to.  The storm still rages, supplies are missing, and numerous crewmen are injured or nowhere in sight.  Marshall Yaeger finds a strong forest canopy to spend the night under.

The crew looks out the next morning to see supplies and portions of the Duquetimme which have washed ashore.  Imperative is placed on recovering everything from the ruined ship and trying to complete the mission.  They must still establish a trade hub and be ready to deal with the possible landing of the Mikado Star should they have survived the storm.

They were in for a 3 month tour, but now they find themselves in for the long haul on this uncharted desert isle.  They must find a way to make do and finish their mission, but it will be an uphill battle.  They must make the best of what they have.

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United We Stand Session 3 – Boats and Beauties

Following their discoveries from the previous days, our intrepid trio makes plans to investigate the hidden sections of the mine.  Agnes gets out bright and early to go in with the Sheriff, but the Sheriff is called aside by a tolling bell signaling the weekly mail barge.

After a brief interchange wherein it is discovered that the town has nothing to pay these couriers for their goods, it’s revealed that the less socially inclined member of the village has a number of items that are will sell for great value.  An hour later, the Sheriff finally meets with Agnes, whose anger towards him is cut short by a great booming off in the distance.

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Ship of Fools Session 5 – The Parting of the Sensory

After much trading and intrigue with the Xexorian vessel and the Sultan they met, the crew is working to avoid the massive storm coming their way. They begin to sail due south, even further off course.

Meanwhile life on the ship slowly settles back into routine, with all of the crew dealing with minor problems that have cropped up. Edouard drafts a new ship’s cook assistant, Yaeger fails miserably at sneaking into a locked room, and Leon, on his way to visit the Captain, finds Isae’s previous ‘suitor’ attempting to engage in lewd behavior. Leon attempts to show the man the error of his ways.

Unfortunately, knife fights in the middle of the ship about a woman don’t tend to go over well with authority. Needless to say, tensions on board are high, and are only going to get worse.

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