MaOCT – Requiem for a Toy Factory with Ross Payton

It’s Monsters Friday again, bringing you an oldie from the early days of The Drunk and the Ugly, through a ransom event with RPPR’s own Ross Payton.  It through these games that we ended up bringing in Sam and Charlie eventually.

In this adventure, following their victory over the Ur-Monster in the summer road trip, the daring Jimmy McPherson and Roy Ackerman receive an invitation to visit Cal Novelties, a wonderful toy factory whose owner has just passed and named them the successors to his toy throne, allowing them to become testers and designers.


  • Bob (DracoStrife) – Jimmy McPherson.  Little 10-year-old person of becoming a famous comic book artist.  Comes up with brilliant plans and not-so-great execution.
  • Chris (Wooberman) – Mr. Smacky. Mixed Martial Artist from hell, literally.  Has a giant orange body made completely from muscle.  Both hands are big red boxing gloves and wears matching Boxing Gloves.  Simple minded and fairly kind-hearted.
  • Charlie – Roy Ackerson.  A wealthy boy born to a rich family whose parents were lost in a tragic train crash.  One night a bat flew in his window and he knew at that point that he had to become a necromancer to resurrect them.
  • Matt – Nanaho Yoneda.  A kindly old Japanese ghost summoned accidentally by Roy when he tried to bring his parents back from the dead.  Very quiet and shy and acts as Roy’s protector whenever possible.  Sometimes she gets angry.


  1. … I don’t know why, but the relationship between Matt and Charlie’s characters just made me crack up. That was my highlight of the session…

    Yeah, I don’t have much to say this time. It was funny though.

  2. just learning that player names still mostly confound me at a glance… what with Alex playing a kid named Charlie and all…

    but yea, terrific stuff. great kid/monster combos, and all well played. have to try and reenact that tone of “oh shit, barricades and running!” some time, like in the Road Trip sidestory with the necromancer from the book

    and wow… “I have the power to think that I’m flying!”
    a “Who Wants To Be a Superhero?” reference… awesome. loved that show because it was a reality show, which generally suck, but

    incidentally have a monster in my current game called Razorface, a variant incarnation of Pinhead from Hellraiser. He loves it on Earth, being from Hell which it turns out is kind of lame, but adores reality tv for its ability to capture human suffering, torture, and corruption so perfectly, making him nostalgic

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