Microscope – The Rise and Fall of the Monster King

In Microscope, Ben Robbins’ dice-less world building game from Lame Mage Productions, players take the reins of history in order to tell universe- and time-spanning stories, from the grandiose to the intensely minute and personal.

Come along on a journey to a mysterious realm of steampunk robots, underground fighting rings, and the life of a true champion.

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7th Sea – The Ballad of The Fantoma Reine Episode 8

The crew of the Fantoma Reine are far from the sea and embroiled in politics. They’re after a patent thief who has Anne’s patent for the smelting of mithril. Delicate negotiations are needed to parlay with the Vendel League in hopes of stonewalling the digging effort until they can get a solution.

Surely that will go well for a bunch of pirates.
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Gen Con 2016 Wrap-Up – My Seventeen Dads

Another year, another GenCon come and gone! We had a great time and met a lot of great people. Listen to us exhaustedly ramble about games, panels, and way too much Geek Out!

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Live Reading of MtP2: Meet the Fockers

For the first time ever, the classic 2001 FanFiction “Meet the Parents 2: Meet the Fockers” has its debut reading! Come along on a wild ride with Greg, Denny, and Dina Brynes as they navigate the treacherous waters of Meeting Your New In-Laws.

Read the Original Here

Side Chatter

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