Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 31 – Trashing and Crashing

The treasure hunt led the kids all over the city, and then back home as the sun began to fade on the horizon. They’ve got a lead – Rebecca Black, the reporter. But before they can track it down, the kids are locked inside Frieda’s for the night.

Their new friend, Tim Rodgers, has some things to reveal to them. And the next day, a side trip to the strangest junkyard in America must be made.



  1. Breathing Into My Microphone: The Movie! Hope that isn’t too off-putting to you folks, I think it’s a good session otherwise!

  2. Wait, when did Manny meet Banshee Queen? How does he know her? Was that mentioned in any past session? So many questions? lol
    Also way to up the suspense of the coffee can plot by side questing, all in all an entertaining session to listen to, just through me off.

    1. I think that was from a part of the recording that was lost. I think it’s referenced more in the next episode? I forget; I just remember that we’re sans about a half an hour of content this episode. Fortunately, it was nothing that was incredibly important, plot or character building or the like.

  3. So, I have a few things to say. First of all, everything that happened in the junkyard was friggin’ hilarious. SHOVEL FIGHT!

    Second. George/Coffee is my new One True Pairing.

    Third: My listening to this at 3 in the morning due to dorm fire alarm brain had a revelation… George Fillburn has the fire bird. Fill *burn*… Mind is blown.

  4. Like “Family Home Evening” its good to see the characters act like children. Like when Emma did the food fight, George’s coffee rush and his inevitable crash help make him seem more kiddish.

  5. When James said “Oh no! My ozone!”, was anyone else reminded of RJ saying “Ah! I got shot in the aura!” way back in session 10?

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