Road Trip Session 19 – Le Degradacion de le Memoria

The gang has emerged (mostly unscathed) from their strange experience with drugs and the Manor. Everette found strange dopplegangers of the gang and led them on a quest. Then, she met her father.

The session starts in medias res, as Everett’s father welcomes her home. Then the kids ruin everything.



  1. Haven’t listened to the AP yet, but I now have my new favorite background. Sean that picture is awesome.

  2. Oh man. Season Premiere.

    Max is and has been asian all along.
    *end spoiler*

  3. ah, good to have the gang back in action. overall response…

    -also had to wonder “wait, where’s Leadbot?” now and then
    -good to have Cool Rat back. spotted him coming in a smuggled update on the wiki
    -I never stopped giggling the whole interrogation scene after “You be bad cop, I’ll be bad cop”
    -“Let’s show her we’re not afraid to hit girls!””
    “Yea! In the boob!”

    also, is Doug gradually becoming a drug addict, or has he just been coincidentally exposed to a lot of supernatural highs and it’s more of a recurring joke of his addictions?

  4. My reaction to Cool Rats resurgence in this session was first akin to seeing Barbosa show up at the end of Pirates of the Caribbean 2, where it was “Awwww Yeah, Shit just got real!” and then it boiled down to “Oh boy, a second Leadbot.”

    CoolRat 2.0 = Captain “Badass” Barbosa+Leadbot. In a word (at least for me) Awesome!

    a cool session.

  5. Coolrat shooting holes in the hat was the best thing yet.

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