Fiasco! – Robert Hodgins Must Die!

Boomtown, circa: Sterotypical Old West.

A town lies choked beneath the dust of mining, deceit, and corruption. One man stands above it: the good Reverend Robert Hodgins. Friend to all,  recovered convict, man of God: he is generous, earnest, hard-working, and the town’s last hope to overcome ruin.

Naturally, he’s gotta die.


  • Matt – Rex Marriage.  Debtor, drunk, and former apprentice to Hephaestus Jones, forced to sell his daughter to the town reverend.
  • Manda – Sam Marriage.  The daughter of Rex Marriage, sold to Reverend Bob Hodgins, and only person in town not looking to murder him.
  • James – Pastor Sumon Kuvalente.  Pastor, hired gun, and master of disguise.  Hired by everyone in town to kill the one and only Bob Hodgins.
  • Kevin – Reverend Bob Hodgins.  Former convict and co-conspirator to murder of Hephaestus Jones
  • Nate – Rudolph Sauerbrey.  Former convict and co-conspirator to murder of Hephaestus Jones


  1. Hey quick observation. If I click on “Open in new window” the AP opens in a new window and on a new tab in the browser (google chrome). I don’t know if this is just me or a bug, but I figured you guy would want to know.

  2. It does the same thing in Explorer. I have tested.

    This session inclues all the inasanity and humor of Fiasco from what I can judge from the game of it that I played. I also see where the Wikipedia name thing came from now. Good job Manda.

  3. it started out with so many southern puns i thought it was an episode of Hee Haw

    but things turned out hilarious, especially the bizarre depth in the character of the arch-bishop and the deputy

  4. Oh Fiasco, you’re an amazing game. Actually, of the three times I’ve played, two times were coherent stories. So maybe I’ve got lucky but…

    But it really sounded like you guys were having fun, and the way you pieced together everything in the Fiasco was pretty good actually! In fact, I even think you beat the frequent Fiasco flaw that inevitably some of the PC’s get pushed to the side as the plot moves in such a way that it focuses on only three of the five. I was laughing at the plot that you put together all the way through.

    1. Friggin’ union. Comin’ through here. Doin’ everythin’ they do.

  5. So that was Fiasco. Well most of the characters were ugly and most the players were drunk so….

    But seriously I would watch that movie. It definitely feels like a Coen movie some odd hybrid of No Country For Old Men and Raising Arizona.

    MVP Vote: James has the best twist right before the Tilt. Plus the huge difference between his accents with/without the mustache are hilarious.

  6. Holy rumbling tumbleweeds. That was an awesome actual play. And a fantastic fiasco. I would totally watch this movie. Thank you for sharing, and thank you for your podcast.

  7. The Law Man (And Mrs. Pendragon) were my favourite characters!
    Shame about what happened to them…

    Also, I really liked the “…MR. Pendragon having six MORE words for me!” line.

    Also, the wedding scene was totaly epic; the mad scramble to report each other and respond to each other’s accusations (mostly justified, but hilariously backstabbing all the same!)
    If you like that kind of infighting and blame-game hillarity, maybe try Paranoia some time?

    Also, mustache disguises are the best disguises.

  8. This was actually the first Fiasco scenario I ever tried out, so hearing another group have a go at it was really interesting…

    …and completely frigging hilarious.

    “You may now,” pulls a gun, “kiss my ass.”


    God I wish that’d actually gone down. That said, the brawl at the end was also pretty inspired. Like a head-on collision between Blazing Saddles and every Coen Brothers Film. Good lord.

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