United We Stand Finale – Divided We Fall

The thrilling conclusion to the campaign! Last time, dark secrets were uncovered, Uso was put under house arrest, Billy Joel was put into jail, and the army came to town.

The military is massing on the outside of the town – as the session opens, our heroes have them under observation. They are well armed, well equipped, and appear to be on the cusp of an amphibious attack.

Can our heroes unite their allies to stave off destruction, or will they fall?

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The Drunk and the Newsies 1-18-2012 – The 1 Hour Challenge

Over the weekend, Nate and I proposed a duel.  The challenge: Create an original RPG in an hour based on 10 random prompts.  We originally planned to rate our games directly and decide the “Superior Game” right there and then.

We realized as we went on that we really couldn’t try to compare the two games we wrote.  We decided at that point that we have a selection of listeners who might be willing to chime in and help us understand which game they like the best.  Therein is today’s news segment.

Comment, email us, or tweet at us with your favorite game, and we’ll tell you who the winner is next time on The Drunk and the Newsies!

Thermite and Thylacines (Matt’s Game)
The Crystal Rock School for the Artistically Gifted (Nate’s Game)

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Ship of Fools Finale – Float On

The crew of the Duquetimme finally have reached a point of equality with the Umbra, and are making strides with the original landing crew to cut lumber and rebuild their old ship.  The success of the voyage is questionable, but they have discovered the existence of the island and its viability as a trade hub, thus making at least some headway for the Poulin Trading Company.

As things are starting to look sound and solid, Niklas notices a new set of sailors making a beachhead on the far coast of the island.  He doesn’t recognize the flags, but they appear to be different than those of the Duquetimme.  Things will not be nearly so easy for the parting of the Duquetimme Crew as they first appeared, perhaps.

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United We Stand Session 5 – Row, Row, Fight the Power

Last session, our brave protagonists instigated something very close to a revolution by putting the Sheriff in power. The mining golem was activated by the sheriff’s deputy, and it began its path of destruction. Only days remain before the town and its inhabitants are destroyed.

The doctor and the sheriff have a crowd for their confrontation with the irrational and insane deputy, whose only defense is that she has discovered exactly the process needed for shutting down the golem. Unfortunately, the golem must be shut down on a Tuesday, on the exact hour of its creation. Seven days remain to discover the origin of the golem and save the town.

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Drunk and Newsies Special – Interview With Sci-Fi Laboratory

Herp a derp a derp I forgot to do a writeup this week.  Happy belated news writeup everyone!

A few weeks back we did an interview with Sci-Fi Laboratory about our group, our playstyle, and our motivations (both individual and as a group).  It was a fun time and we managed to tell a lot of weird stories.  It played a week or two back on the Sci-Fi Lab main show, but we have it here as a permanent archive to our idiocy brilliance.  Enjoy!

This version is considerably less radio-safe or time-edited than the version that was played on Sci-Fi Lab.  I do not wish to cast any inaccurate opinions on the other program.

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