Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 33 – Substance Abuse

Continuing with the longest Sunday ever, Manny’s got tickets to ride. Five tickets, to be specific, to ride a bus to the backstage of the craziest concert ever.

Infernal Banshee’s in town, and they’re about to rock Troy’s face off. Unfortunately, they’re missing their lead guitarist/front man/Duke of Too-Cool-For-School: Uncle V.

Can the kids get the show to go on, or will the Power of ROCK fail?

Side chatter



  1. Thank you Tim. I’ve see happy drunks, angry drunks, and miserable drunks. But the one thing I have never seen is a Shakespeare drunk. That was glorious.

    And I still love George on coffee.

  2. A spin off Wild Talents campaign of Mrs Frieda’s universe would be the most epic thing Imaginable.

  3. Rob McCraw was awesome! I wish there were side games / side chatter with more of the Banshee Queen. Maybe have those three be like the two old hecklers from the Muppet Shows? Somehow able to see all the games and comment on them?

    Also, I’m starting to think when Odyn died he didn’t get sealed away” as much as he infected everyone with a touch of his madness. And they in turn are doing this to people they meet. (I’m solely basing this off the face that they barely flinch at crazy stuff and sometimes actively look for it. That and straight character Tim, is starting to turn Frieda’s crazy).

    1. assumed Odyn was alive in fragments ever since Emma had cat ears and psychic powers. that and ever since a dark shard in a compass points to the kid who is slightly sharp somehow, and was made to track dark energies. evidence just piling up like crazy that their BBEG is not gone yet

      but yea, the bandmates were hilarious, especially in the restaurant with the tall tales/chronic lying

      “Are you one of those kids with multiple personality disorder? Cuz if you are, can we write a song about you?”
      “I guess…”
      “I wrote TEN just now!”
      *proceed to use my sweater to clean up my desk where I just did a spit take with my water bottle

      also called the brother’s ghost as soon as the word “cocaine” hit my ears. “Who do we know who’s deadohwaitright.”

      assume in the after chatter, Matt was referring to the early hilarious part being when Tim explained how AC works, then gets into the various “which springs the man which causes Mouse Trap!”/”and that’s where babies come from” jokes. also can’t help but notice the “tim monologues for 5 minutes” tag

      surprised at no appearance by C. Cancer

      1. C.Cancer died in obscurity and his soul split into a million alternate universes, only half of which have hair dye.

  4. Hehe I love anything McCraw. Deep Ice was the first AP I listened to from you guys, (and I still managed to become a fan :p) it was crazy fun.

    I’m kind of sad about C Cancer too. 🙁

    1. You guys are too sweet to Colin! I didn’t realize how much you all liked him haha. I don’t like playing him in skype games because…well i’m wayyy too girly to talk in the deep voice I imagine for him. Plus, he’s more of a silent type anyway, and that doesn’t translate too well in a non-visual medium. Maybe I’ll draw up a quickie comic-like thing for what he’s doing now. JUST FOR YOU GUYS

      1. HURRAY!!! 3 Cheers for Mandaz, and Colin Cancer! XD

        … Wait What?

  5. Defenestrations!

    1. Author

      Best word in the English language.

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