LeJeune’s Home for Displaced Umbra – The Isle of War

The lovable scalliwags (joined by newcomer Luca) of Lejuene’s Home for Displaced Umbra are back, with an all new adventure!

It’s Battle Royale time, and to the victor go the spoils.


  • James – Edouard  Fasson. Doctor, cook, etc. Decided to stay on the island following a shipwreck and encounter with the natives.
  • Mandaz – Uszhi. Vicious yet disciplined apprentice to Niklas. Her actions hurt more than her words.
  • Matt – Mesik.  Fisherman’s son with the troubled past.  Lives in LeJeune’s Home for Displaced Umbra.
  • Nate – Paskal.  An aspiring writer whose history has left him paranoid.
  • Zach – Luca. An unusual umbra, due to her enamoration with using human weapons instead of her natural ones and towards a specific human in general.


  1. when the horseman came up behind Nanette, I couldn’t not think of the Simpsons where Lisa was inserted as Joan of Arc

    Scottish Soldier/Willy: “I captured a wee girl! I’m the greatest hero in Scottish history!”

  2. In one session Luca was almost as productive as Yeager was in an entire campaign. I just feel the need to point this out.

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