Road Trip Session 20 – Pastoral Manor (Part 1)

The Summer Road Trip continues, now with more Cool Rat! An evil queen was killed, and now the gang is hitting the beach. Things will calm down, if they have anything to say about it. (Hint: they don’t. )

Because the cult is still in motion. And the postcards are still pointing in strange directions. From the beaches of Florida, they must trek north to New England, where strife is in full sway on a country farm.



  1. confused at first since Alex didn’t talk for a bit and Sean was doing an extended Cool Rat impression… until I realized it was actually him. with the semi-explanation at the end, actually makes a lot of sense. any excuse for more Sean is a great excuse, and remember he’s kind of lamented that Max was as consciously inactive as he was

    geese are dicks. these were some of the most civilized ones I’ve ever heard of, talking or otherwise. even if he did swear a surprising amount

    just the start was a little slow. just seems like Nate DMing always lacks something, usually stumbling off that line between too railroady or leads to the players too awkward or uninformed, loitering around looking at the plot and going “what?” was all but groaning as the albino showed up, just to say “Not gonna kill you anymore,” when the kids were going “Wait, you were?” I assume Mysterious Organization 13 will show up again, but seeing them just to say “not gonna bother you guys again”… eh. sour taste in my mouth

    also, Brendon? knives? making art? with a guy in a schoolboy outfit? yea, i see what you’re doing there… just not certain which spawned which

    1. Sorry to hear that, I suppose. My usual style of GMing is “set a scene, let the players do what they want to do,” and then do plot when they go to it. Anything I run starts off slow, because I leave everyone a chance to RP for at least a half an hour to forty minutes, if only to sufficiently get back into character. Some of these games are played after months or more of time, after all, and it’s a bit necessary to give everyone that chance so things go smoothly. Sometimes makes for mucking about, but ultimately helps by the end of it. That said, by this point, folk who play in my games usually expect mucking about, so they find things to muck about with pretty quickly. It just goes a bit weird in Road Trip sometimes, if only because we play so infrequently that we don’t know too much of what our characters would actually do whilst mucking about. That was most of the cause of awkwardness in the beginning of this.

      Likewise, the part with Zero referencing the “I was supposed to kill you” deal is a callback to Smile, where he outright stated that the kids had prices on their heads, but he wasn’t interested in collecting just yet. They later bailed him and a few other agents out of a bad situation (stuck in a pocket dimension), and that was his way of saying “thanks,” to say the least. Again, it’s a detail that would’ve been less awkward if we played Road Trip more often, but there was easily six months between this game and Smile. Wasn’t a detail I was willing to toss out, though. It’s particularly important.

  2. I really liked the Daniel/Max sparring scene a lot. I really want a fight scene were Max and Woodbeard spar or one where Max fights a monster by himself.

    I’ve got this weird idea that Daniel, since eating the apple, is trying to fix the problems with the PCs. Everette being harsh and cold to everyone not Boss, Max and his shy reserve nature, Charlies’ rage issues, and Doug’s hipster/druggie ways.

    1. liked seeing Max in particular, but a cool scene. Max and Dan don’t butt heads like most of the party, but they’re pretty drastically different and don’t interact that much, between not being paired up by coincidence and just not having much to talk about between them (Daniel KEEPS promising to learn Battle Pets!)

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