Mrs. Frieda’s Session 35 – Hoop and Stick Together!

After some intense sidetracking, both in the real world and in strange collective alternate-reality dreams, the kids are back on the trail of the Coffee Can Mystery.

After watching the DVD obtained from Rebecca Black’s office, the gang treks into the ghetto, ready to face down just what exactly has been lobbing coffee cans full of expensive junk across the city.

What’s in store is something they could never have expected. Forces are beginning to gather against the special children of Mrs. Frieda’s, and their emissaries have already arrived.

Side chatter



  1. He didn’t edit it out…

    1. Author

      That one actually was intentional. It was a funny line and the involved parties didn’t seem to care.

        1. birth control pills

          and haven’t finished yet, but too many alarms went off when they found the location. “Huh, a boxy robot that’s not Leadbot? Must be some original content heavily-armed gorilla limbs! Black Book! We have an A.P.E., people! A.P.E.!”

          and even with the hammersexual line hinted at already, didn’t make it any less wonderful

          1. Author

            It’s actually a little different, but you’re not too far off. The APE platform was a neat thing that I couldn’t find a way to use as-is.

  2. “Oh my god I’m playing Hooky”
    Jingles I fucking love you you are the best ahhhhhhhhhh JINGLES IS THE BEST THING OF ANY FRIEDAS GAME EVER

  3. I’m finally posting once again
    Not Leadbot was awesome. Can we call him Josh, wait no Servot
    George running for Emma but never truly going to catch her is really poetic
    I’m a Joker, a Toker, and a midnight smoker. I be playing music all day long. Cause I’m a dreamer a lover, and a singer. I sure mean to hurt no one

    1. In defense of Unix, I’ve heard it’s pretty easy to make it a pretty rad system, just requires a few tweaks here and there. I know nothing about the user base, but you’re a pretty cool dude in my opinion–so hey, it can’t be so bad!

  4. been nagging at me now and again, but keep noticing (especially a few points in this session), that Nele is really growing out of his social retard soldier mode. the pulling of his practical joke sealed it for me, and on top of just learning what a toilet is, reflecting on his dream world, and caring people beyond mission requirements, but there were about 3 different occasions in this session when he was the one person actively suggesting non-violence

    know a fellow listener or two who didn’t care for Nele at first, but always thought he was fun and really is fleshing out very slowly but steadily without losing his main tone. well done!

  5. Can I just mention now that I was Jingles for Halloween? I drew a scar on my face and everything. I also had a mouse. Just wanted to put that out there.
    What IS Area 51 doing? “That’s classified.”
    “Did you put a button on it?” “It might be sentient?”
    The cat’s meowing was perfectly timed. Congratulations, strange kitty!

    1. Author

      Oh man, do you have pictures?

      1. I’ll see what I can get for ya, but my hair’s the wrong color…

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