Imagine, if you will, that the industrial revolution occured decades before the apocalypse, only to be picked back up a century later amongst the pieces of a broken world. Sordid Dystopia is a post-industrialist and vaguely post-apocalyptic game set in a low-fantasy world, where the public, concerned mostly about their social and economic livelihood, are blissfully ignorant to the inhuman eyes that watch from their shadows. Written by Nathan Knapp, Sordid Dystopia is the flagship game for the TOPIA engine.

LeJeune’s Home – “Let’s Play Pretend”

Last time, the gang went to the strangest place in the world, and chose not to be eaten and digested in blissful ignorance for hundreds of years. Roland has also suffered the worst string of misfortune ever, and is still sans a house.

Lejune’s off to scout for more horrible denizens of the island, and leaves Roland behind to babysit.  Again.

We also learn about 18th Century gun safety! And St. Cat Robbelson is adorable as ever. It is just another day in Lejune’s Home for Displaced Umbra.

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Justice for All Session 5 – The Tipping Point

Several weeks after the encounter with the Exiles, Paskal runs through the town, calling a town meeting. Roland is about to reveal the true nature of the Umbra to the gathered masses. His message will trigger the wrath of the Exiles. Nachsun stands on the brink of civil war. Diplomacy is impossible.

Nachsun’s choice is clear: wait for war to come to their doorstep, or travel to Vaden and slay the Exile King. The final battle looms. The fate of the Umbra hangs in the balance. Things are sliding. The tipping point will come soon.

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Justice For All Finale – Old World Relics

The Lejuene’s kids have been kidnapped by the Vaden Exiles. Uszhi is following Adora to an uncertain destination. Roland, Edouard, and Niklas are busy trying not to be killed by Sar.

Things are going well.

All of the lines of fate have brought our heroes into Vaden. Who will emerge is in doubt. The last notes of the song of the Umbra are being played.

All stories must end.

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Sordid Dystopia – Big Trouble in Little Cizok (Part 1)

The city of Al Lagosa,  New Xexoria. Half submerged, the once great city hunkers on the shoreline, bustling with trade and a steady flow of immigrants. Corruption and conflict are rampant, in both the North and South districts. In the middle of this sits a small island of hope: Little Cizok.

Inspectors Attan and Trudeau, hardened upholders of the law, receive a telegraph call from the Chief Inspector, into one of the districts deep in Al Lagosa, near the new railway. Their investigation will lead them through the worst of Al Lagosa.

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Sordid Dystopia – Big Trouble in Little Cizok (Part 2)

Inspectors Attan and Trudeau hacked their way through the crime of Al Lagosa, finally catching up to their murder suspect moments before he was gruesomely poisoned. Now, they are continuing their hunt for the mysterious, dark oni who murdered their suspected killer.

Can the Inspectors punch crime in the face hard enough, or will they be overwhelmed by the corruption surrounding them?

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