United We Stand Session 5 – Row, Row, Fight the Power

Last session, our brave protagonists instigated something very close to a revolution by putting the Sheriff in power. The mining golem was activated by the sheriff’s deputy, and it began its path of destruction. Only days remain before the town and its inhabitants are destroyed.

The doctor and the sheriff have a crowd for their confrontation with the irrational and insane deputy, whose only defense is that she has discovered exactly the process needed for shutting down the golem. Unfortunately, the golem must be shut down on a Tuesday, on the exact hour of its creation. Seven days remain to discover the origin of the golem and save the town.


  • Matt – Julie Lagacé.  The sole doctor in town.  Originally from Vontier.  Due to constant overwork and racism towards herself, is incredibly misanthropic.
  • James – Sheriff Alim “Al” Abdul-Musawwir.  A gunsmith turned amiable protector of local law. Knows everyone.
  • Nate – Agnes Johara Mikhail.  A hot-headed miner’s daughter with a bad habit of punching first and asking questions later.


  1. To whoever wrote the write-up,the deputy is a woman.

  2. The thing I don’t get is how whenever Hassim accuses Yuzo of being a freeloader, no one ever says something like, “Oh, except that time he sold a boatload of his priceless paintings off to make sure we had food.” It is like it never happened! Even with his ‘observer’ status, he kind of helped an awful lot, even if he doesn’t do so by choppin’ up mercs.

    1. Good point. I’d imagine Hassim would say that Uso was getting something out of it (Agnes as a model) and a true member of the community would have asked for nothing in return.

      1. BTW, Hassim is kind of a asshole

      2. Let’s be honest with ourselves here. Is having Agnes as a model really that much of a reward? I mean, sure, she might be a presumably attractive young girl, but she’s fidgety and bitchy and hateful. Having her as a model is like an exercise in extreme masochism.

  3. So hiring a golem to be part of the police? His name is Dorfl isn’t it.

  4. And with this I have now listened to all of the sessions that you guys have posted. A few of them twice actually. Took me a while but I enjoyed it alot. Thanks!

    1. Well thank you for listening, sir! If you don’t mind, I’m a bit curious what you think of the Sordid Dystopia APs thus far. They’ve been marathoned recently to lead up to my kickstarter, and I can’t help but long for viewer commentary. Hahaha.

      1. So far I can say that the APs of Sordid Dystopia has been very good. After Frieda´s it has been my favorites. I am actually looking forward to having a look at the game itself. Because if you reach your goal, you will have a definate purchase of a game to me. LeJeune´s and ship of fools are probably my favorites of the SD ones. Lejeune´s because of the mood in the session I think and Ship of fools more for the story I think.
        I can honestly say that i would like to play Sordid Dystopia one day.

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